Speed cameras for 270

From the FNP: “The Maryland State Highway Administration began speed camera enforcement Monday in the area of I-270 at Md. 80 (Fingerboard Road) and Bennett Creek.” This area is a work zone and real tickets will be issued starting August 23rd for those going 12 miles or more above 55 MPH.


8 thoughts on “Speed cameras for 270

  1. Coming home from Bethesda Monday night going NB on 270, my wife and I were startled by the flash on SB 270 around 9:45pm. It was probably 1/2 mile from the Route 80 Exit.


  2. I don’t know how it works here, but when we lived in AZ and they used cameras to issue tickets, all you had to go was go to court and ask them to prove that it was YOU in the driver’s seat. You can point to the photo and say “that is not me” and if it is not an absolute clear shot of your face, then they have to toss it out. They are ticketing the driver, not the car.


  3. In MD they ticket the owner of the car and the owner must submit proof if someone else was driving. My wife was snapped speeding in a work-zone and since I was the registered owner I got the ticket. You can accept and pay the fine or go to court. If you were not the driver, you can submit the identity of the correct driver – notarized – and the court will send the ticket to them instead.

    The state isn’t ticketing people for going a mile or 2 over the speed limit, they are ticketing for 12 miles or more. If you are driving that fast IMO you are a menace and deserve a ticket. My wife was going 15 miles over the limit and she paid the fine.



  4. Not sure how these cameras are set, but for the Montgomery County cameras where they lower the speed limit to 25/30, I thought they issue a ticket for 7 miles over the limit.


  5. Montgomery County used to do 8 miles over, but when the state started allowing cameras everywhere, they made it 12 miles over, and Montgomery county had to change their cameras to match (which also coast the county several million dollars in lost ticket revenue)


    • It’s $40 if you pay up right away – $55 if you get a second notice. At least that’s what my son got in the mail….and of course he ignored it til the more expensive 2nd notice showed up. 😦


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