Open Thread Monday: August 1st Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: August 1st Edition

  1. Any word on that Micallies restaurant on the corner of the creek? Perfect location with outdoor seating… supposedly was set to open in 2010. What’s the hold-up?


  2. Did anyone read the premier issue of Frederick Gorilla magazine? They had an article about the Micallies building (and the dragon lady).


  3. Anyone ventured into Borders yet? Worth the trip or is it slim pickins by now? It’s depressing to see another big, vacant space in our area. Bummer.


  4. I’ve heard it’s mostly vultures circling. People who didn’t buy anything there, suddenly showing up to buy armloads of books at very small discounts. The cafe has been closed down already. The books (at least hard bounds) that aren’t sold don’t die some terrible death. They get redistributed as “remainders” to other stores, like Barnes and Noble, in some cases and just shipped to other retailers as new books. (“remainders” are the “bargain books” you see in stores). Paperbacks usually get their front covers torn off and sent back to the publishers and the books are destroyed. They are illegal to sell once those covers are gone. I worked for Barnes and Noble and the old B. Dalton Booksellers (a subsidiary of B&N). Walden Books was a subsidiary of Borders. They died off awhile ago.


    • My niece and two of her friends went to the Borders in Germantown over the weekend. They were so pleased with their purchases. Came back loaded with books geared to their interests, and some particularly nice thank-you cards and stationery, all wonderful buys. Too bad, Borders, that it took a going-out-of-business sale to get people inside your doors.


  5. Sheesh. Why destroy the paperbacks? Couldn’t they be donated to Heartly House, a shelter, FCC, a local school, a community center? Somewhere besides the trash can?

    Oh well. Still makes me bummed to see them go and for Frederick to have this large empty void of a space sitting there. I hope something comes in quickly (besides a tanning salon or a cell phone store).


    • I only know that it is required by the publishers that the bookstores send back the covers and destroy the books (paperbacks.) If you look inside any paperback book you will see the warning about how if the book was purchased without a cover it’s an illegal purchase.


  6. Just found out (only because I went to the website to get the HOA requirements for fence construction) that Whittier will get cut to once a week (City) trash pickup starting Sept 1st. Since our street doesn’t even GET curbside pickup, this just doubles my anger with the City. For some mysterious reason (nod nod wink wink to the Aushermans?) the City allowed a street (court) to be built that that they NOW say is “too narrow” for ordinary City vehicles to access. We were told by the Mayor “our trash trucks are not allowed to back up.” Seriously. Yet the recycling trucks come down here every week (and they appear to be every bit as big as the trash trucks), when it’s “bulk pick up week” the trash trucks come all the way down here AND turn around just fine, AND the stinking reeking filthy vermin ridden “trash corrals” that we have to take our trash to (other end of the street) are serviced by the City trucks AND after they pull into the street to get the trash, they BACK UP to get back onto the next street. Imagine that. I’ve fought this battle for over a year and the Mayor now completely ignores me. A City PW person came to the door, very angry that I had “bothered” them with this matter. So, we pay City taxes and we DO NOT GET the City trash service that the rest of the City does get. I’m thinking it’s about time to accumulate the trash and dump it on the Mayor’s yard. THEN it’ll get some attention.


  7. In the space between Best Buy and HH Gregg on Guilford Road, they are putting in the cosmetics superstore Ulta. That should actually be a useful addition to the plaza, unlike the failing furniture stores they keep trying in there.


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