Outlaw Jam 2

One event going on this weekend that I forgot to mention is the Outlaw Jam 2. The concert spans Saturday and Sunday at the Frederick Fairgrounds and tickets are still available. The FNP has more on the concert and Want2Dish has a profile of the Black Widow (a female pool player) who will also be at the event.


5 thoughts on “Outlaw Jam 2

  1. Did this event get cancelled? I didn’t hear any music this year, and last year I heard the whole concert as if it were in my neighbor’s yard.


  2. I was surprised as well. Last year we could feel the bass line here on the hill in Whittier and hear the music (faintly) from the deck. This year, didn’t even know it was going on.


  3. I noticed this year the main stage faced away from downtown. Last year it was set up facing into town, maybe that was the difference. It was definately rocking though, the bass went right through you and the ground shook! Crue and Poison can still bring it.


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