Wine Kitchen on the Creek

wine kitchen in frederick

Looks like the empty space next to Hinode’s on Carroll Creek is getting a tenant. From the logo it looks to be another location of The Wine Kitchen from Leesburg. From their website:

Wine was made for food and food was made for wine. Come enjoy the best of both with us at the Wine Kitchen. At the Wine Kitchen we operate under the central idea of “Eat, Drink, Simply.” Wine and food are at the root, simple pleasures and should be enjoyed among friends and family over the sound of happy voices and hearty laughter. We think both wine and food are best when presented in their purest form. We serve our wine and food without pomp or circumstance, just artfully prepared and presented with care.

I have an email into them to conform this, but it looks like the same place to me. Anyone try the location in Leesburg?
Big thanks to Jim Hamann for the photo and tip.

Update: A response from the email I had sent to Wine Kitchen:

Yes we are opening up our second location on Carroll Creek earlly this fall. Our first location is in Old Town Leesburg and we’ve been open there since November 2008. In Frederick we will offer a similar style menu as we do in Leesburg but with all new dishes that will also utilize local farms and their products. We are very excited to join the Frederick community.

Judging by the comments it sounds like Frederick is looking forward to this new addition.


13 thoughts on “Wine Kitchen on the Creek

  1. Sounds very cool. Checked out the website and I like what’s there. Hopefully this will help out the creek area problem in general. Getting more regular foot traffic would be nice.


  2. I live in Leesburg and work in Frederick so I’m beyond excited to have a Wine Kitchen in each place now! The one in Leesburg rocks – delicious food, wine, service, and atmosphere. Hope they can make the Frederick one just as special.


  3. They opened on Saturday. We stopped in after the Michael Moore show at the Weinberg. Great experience. Delicious food, great service, and reasonably priced. Can’t wait to go back.


    • I concur with James. Went there for lunch last week. Great interior, lovely fireplace area lounge. Food and wine were terrific. Low key atmosphere, very comfortable. I will be a regular!


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