Frederick County Appalachian Trail

This is a nice piece about the small bit of the Appalachian Trail that runs through Frederick. I’ve never been hiking there, I should really remedy that soon.


2 thoughts on “Frederick County Appalachian Trail

  1. The AT on either side of rt. 40 has two great smallish dayhikes around 3 miles round trip. Head west (left side of road from Frederick, just past Greenbriar Park entrance) to hike to the Old Washington Monument, or east for Annapolis Rock – a beautiful overlook.


  2. I’ve hiked it all in Maryland – it’s all lovely! My favorite bit is Gathland State Park southbound all the way to Harpers Ferry – 10 miles. 2nd favorite – Washington Monument Park northbound to Annapolis Rocks – 10 miles rt. 3rd – South Mountain Inn southbound to Rocky Run shelter (old and new ones) – 4 1/2 miles rt. If you like to hike and haven’t been on the AT you are sooooooooo missing out! 🙂


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