No More Borders

[Borders] said liquidation of its remaining 399 stores could start as soon as Friday, and it is expected to go out of business for good by the end of September.

Very sad. What the heck is going to fill that big old space? P.S. Thanks for the link Gypsy.


9 thoughts on “No More Borders

    • And why not, exactly? There’s a lot of shopping on that side of town but no grocery stores. Common Market and MOM is as close as it comes and they’re too specialized and pricey in their “natural” foods. Common Market also carries a rather large “co-op” fee for shoppers to take full advantage. Target carries groceries but not enough variety. It’s really just “quickie mart” grocery shopping. As far as I know the nearest actual grocery store for the south side of town is the Giant in Ballenger Creek and the grocery department of Wal-Mart. I avoid Wal-Marts as much as possible (no problems with how they do business – just don’t like the stores). Costco is more merchandise than grocery and requires a paid membership. Same for Sam’s Club. I don’t need 10 lb boxes of any food item. I absolutely love Wegmans and use it pretty much exclusively now. But when I’m on the south side of town to shop I’d absolutely stop at a store like Trader Joe’s.


      • Just seems to be the appropriate reply to when a building opens up. Granted someone posted some time ago that Trader Joe’s did not think the demographic was applicable to them in Frederick…which makes no sense to me…


      • I can tell you what I do NOT want to see in that space. NO MORE cell phone stores, furniture stores, tv/appliance stores, craft stores. If we can’t get Trader Joe’s then how about something like a Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, a cooking/cooking implements store of any kind, an REI (I have my reasons for not using The Trail House – and I am a very active hiker/backpacker). Don’t tell me we can’t support an REI – I have over 280 ladies in my hiking group that will say otherwise. I don’t believe we’re the only ones.


      • Whenever I’ve asked about TJ coming to Frederick, people in the Gaithersburg store tell me that it would “cannibalize” their sales. The last time I was there, all 3 of us in line at one register were from Frederick, so they may have a point. I’d love to have one here.


      • Spare me. I never ever go to Gaithersburg to shop for anything and I’m betting I”m not alone in that. But if a TJ opened here I absolutely would shop in it.

        By that twisted logic Frederick should also not have been allowed by Giathersburg to build a Barnes and Noble, Target, or any other big store chain that they happen to have that we also now have. No “duplicate” restaurants either.


      • Gaithersburg is really far to drive just to buy groceries. Maybe this customer base they’re talking about is among those who live in Frederick but work in MoCo?

        They have to realize that the customers they “earn” in Frederick would probably replace those “lost” in Gaithersburg twofold or more. Or is TJ a “franchisee” situation where the Gaithersburg store owners would have no interest in the parent company’s success?


  1. Borders was crazy at around 6pm Friday night! We went by to check out the “deals”, but it was mostly 20-30% off. Somethings were 40%, but not much. The line went pretty far back into the store. We were interested in specific stuff and decided that the 20% off wasn’t worth the wait.


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