Open Thread Monday: July 18th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: July 18th Edition

    • Yes, there are folks around who will miss Borders, and I’m one of them. I’ll miss picking up a book and assessing its physical qualities, and being able to flip through it, before deciding to purchase. It was also nice to be able to break from browsing and enjoy a coffee & pastry, and maybe meet a friend at a table. And to grab a seat and enjoy, up-close-and-personal, a musical performer every now and then. No Barnes and Noble is convenient to my home or work. But, obviously, I’m part of a declining number of dinosaurs who enjoyed the Borders experience and who prefer print media newspapers and magazines.


  1. FYI, Black Hog Urbana will be opening tomorrow night. Same great ribs and bbq style as the Black Hog downtown. Cool atmosphere, bar and delicious pies and cakes. (I am partial though; check it out for yourself!)


  2. Anyone else frustrated with the traffic light on Patrick St. (heading westbound, into downtown) at East St. ? Long, single file line that only allows about 4 cars through on a green? Grrrrr.


  3. Found out two weeks ago that the Stained Glass store on 15 is closing. Barb has been there for 15 years and is being forced to close due to a larger volume stained glass supplier moving in on the south end of town. Their owners decided to relocate from NJ to Frederick. I am really sad to see Barb have to close her doors. She is another victim of “BIG BOX STORES”. She has always been a great help with technical advice. Unfortunately, she can’t compete with a larger volume store. The new store is opening August 20th and that will be the day that Barb closes her doors. What a great loss for those of us that do stained glass.


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  6. Big fan of Man vs Food on the Travel Channel. So……Adam is coming to town and he wants to know where to go for: big “home style” meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner; fabulous pastries/donuts; big ice cream concoctions; big fabulous seafood meals; no chain restaurants. And all of them must be in Frederick County – no exceptions no matter how much you like some place outside of Frederick County. Where do you send him? He’s not looking for the big food eating challenges – just big, fabulous, home style and unusual meals.


  7. For the BEST ice-cream in Frederick County, you need to send him to South Mountain Creamery! They are the BEST of the BEST! Before anyone turns up their nose at the mere mention of coming to “Syberia of Frederick County”, note that from Baker Park to South Mountain Creamery is approximately 12 miles! Most people drive that driving all around Springridge alone!!


    • South Mountain Creamery really does have the best ice cream. Maggie Moo’s and the rest can’t compare and it is really worth the drive. I just wish they still had the truck at the Baughman’s Lane farmers market on Saturdays.


      • When and why did South Mountain Creamery stop the farmers market? We went there today to catch them and ’twas disappointed to find them absent. What happened SMC?


      • **Rumor**: The Farmers Market at Baughmans Lane on Saturdays raised their “rent” two years ago to vendors and it is possible that they didnt feel their raised rent fees didn’t cover the cost of being at that market. Again, this is not fact, but what has been rumored “around town”…

        Recently, I have been in the creamery on a Saturday and have been told they go to 5 different markets on Saturdays. I checked their website to see if they still had a listing of the markets they attend and they do not. I will ask one of the girls this week and get back to you 😉


  8. I was also disappointed not to find South Mountain Creamery at the Farmer’s Mkt on Baughmans. For the amount we buy from them, the delivery fee makes it too expensive for us to have them deliver. The gas cost to visit them also keeps us away. But for years, we have purchased from them each week at the farmers market. This allowed us to have their products from May up to Thanksgiving each year. I would be interested which markets they attend. Now, we rarely attend the Farmers Mkt on Baugmans.


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