Walking Frederick

Hey there!  It’s been a while.  I’ve missed you.  Since I last wrote on here I have moved to downtown Frederick and am loving being able to walk everywhere.  I can’t remember the last time I gassed up my car.  I walk to work and I walk to play.  I even walk just for the heck of it.  Because of all the walking, yesterday my daughter and I had the chance to visit the Farmer’s Market on East Street, something I had always driven past but had never stopped to check out.  I went there with an empty back pack and soon loaded it up with juicy white peaches, blueberries, tomatoes and potatoes.  There were some good looking loaves of bread, a booth with goat cheese and a guy selling fresh chicken.  Fresh flowers were available for purchase as well.    We moved on to the Stone Hearth Bakery and bought a delicious loaf of kalamata olive bread and then headed over to Shab Row Wine and Bistro for a glass of wine and a couple appetizers before buying a bottle of wine to add to my increasingly heavy back pack and heading home.

I’m looking forward to exploring Frederick with the fresh eyes of a new downtown resident!  What are your favorite walking routes?


12 thoughts on “Walking Frederick

  1. It has been a while, Liz! Glad you’re enjoying being a downtown resident. Isn’t it the best? We do the exact same thing – just walk for the heck of it.

    My favorite spots include:
    1) The area around city hall: explore the grounds around the All Saints church, walk around Record Street, sit on a bench near the fountain, explore the little sculpture garden on the corner of Record and Second.
    2) Walking the alleys: it’s a much more chill way to get North/South.
    3) Explore St. John’s cemetery: gate on 3rd open on weekends, gate on 4th always open during the day
    4) Baker Park at Dusk: We love walking down 3rd past Bentz (where it becomes Rockwell) and stroll slowly down the street admiring the houses and gardens.


    • I love the thought of being able to walk to Baker Park and all the other appealing destinations by just stepping out of your house…instead of having to drive & park in a garage.


  2. Moving downtown is a dream of mine for this very reason. Walking to places that I frequent instead of driving, going to markets, and getting out more to enjoy the downtown scene. I’m very jealous!


    • It’s amazing how much you miss when you drive through town. I have lived in Frederick County for years and have more than once the past couple weeks exclaimed, “I never knew that was there!”.


  3. I like walking down Market to Church St, then up Church to the Park. All the way past Culler Lake, and then weave back and forth between Rosemont and 2nd to see all the nice homes between the park and Hood College.


    • Thanks! I am so glad to be back! By the way, we walked through a very flooded Baker Park yesterday and a little duck took a shine to my daughter and followed us all through the park. So much fun! I love Frederick.


  4. We’ve talked about living downtown – but we do love our view from our house in Whittier and having more space between us and the neighbors. We also have 4 cars to park, one of which is a registered antique show car, and that would be pretty much an impossible parking problem without having to pay to rent extra garages. Our cats are indoor/outdoor – – can’t do that downtown. We have a travel trailer that we need to bring home from time to time to ready it for trips.(it’s in storage otherwise). Can’t do that on downtown city street. We’re already in the city limits so we get the city services. So, unless and until things change drastically for us we’ll enjoy our frequent trips into downtown and all else it has to offer. My husband works in Canada, along with several other Bechtel people who have their homes in Frederick, and when he comes home he always says “I always miss this town so much. It’s so nice here.” 🙂


    • I know what you mean, Gypsy. The reality for some of us (myself included) is that it would be tough to make certain compromises needed to live downtown, at this point in our lives anyway. But if/when “the stars align,” a place like Frederick is where I’d want to be. In the meantime, I do enjoy every chance I get to drive into town, park, and walk around, soaking up the ambiance.


  5. Liz, welcome downtown! I love walking down the farther blocks on Market St and even went all the way down to Wegmans the other day… and well, you know how that goes 🙂


  6. I walk my dog almost every evening downtown. 3rd st from Bentz to Market is my favorite! So quiet and calming. And as Steph said, the area around the city hall is great too! My wife and I have lived downtown for over a year now and I have never taken the same route twice. At first we said that we would live here until we started having kids and then move somewhere more ‘kid friendly’. But, with our first born arriving in just a few weeks, we have started looking for places downtown to buy! Also, I can’t remember when the last time I ate at a chain restaurant was.


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