Open Thread Monday: June 27th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!



24 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: June 27th Edition

  1. What’s going on with the discussion concerning privatization of government services in Frederick County? Is someone from the FNP or the Gazette looking closely at the ties between the current county commissioners and the people that we paid $1,000 per page?


    • If you want the lastest discussions, here are the dates and time to go Winchester Hall, first floor meeting room and you can attend the public hearings.

      July 12, 7 P.M.

      July 19, 9 A.M.

      July 21, 1:30 P.M.

      July 26, 7 P.M.


    • I will question anyone if need be. I don’t know enough about this topic to go questioning anyone just yet.


      • Privatization is wondrous. If anyone doesn’t believe me research the success story of Luzerne County Pennsylvania’s juvenile detention center.


  2. Wanted to head out to Vino 100 in Mt Airy the other day. However, it seems that they left that franchise. It’s now called 1311 Beer & Wine. There’s also a sign about some public hearing in the window… I can’t really figure out if the owners have changed, or what the deal is… Not that it matters much, just curious… Fortunately they still had what I went there for…


    • I belonged to the wine club when they were Vino 100. They kept saying they were going to change the name, but everything was going to remain the same. NOT! I got a little turned off when I went to pick up my wine shipment just before they changed names (and maybe owners…it’s all very mysterious) and cancelled their wine club. They did not have my wine order there and asked repeatedly had I picked it up already. They then said my charge did not go through. Thank God for today’s technology (and that my Blackberry was cooperating…LOL). I pulled up my account and showed them they had indeed charged my account. Finally, after the person there grilled me again and called her “manager” at least 3 times, I finally got my wine. Glad I wasn’t in a hurry since it took about 30 minutes of my time. That’s the last time I’ve stepped foot in the store. What a horrible name they’ve chosen….1311 Beer and Wine…obviously wine is not their priority. I found a wonderful store that has the greatest selection of wines imaginable and great prices. It’s Pine Orchard Wine & Spirits on Rt. 40 in Ellicott City. Trust me, it’s worth the drive. Just don’t buy up my favorites!!


      • That sounds crazy. You should also try Viniferous in downtown. Great and inspired collection of wines. I’ve been so spoiled by that shop but didn’t realize it until I traveled recently and had to buy wine at the other shops and it was the same old crap that every liquor store and grocery store (in normal states, that is) carries.


      • A friend and I went into Vino 100 once. There was one employee in there who did not impress us as knowing much of anything about wines….other than that she loved to buy it and drink. The selection was poor and the prices were higher than our favorite stores – Old Farm Liquors on Yellow Springs Road and the Leesburg Wegmans. Both of those stores have excellent selections and good prices. It’s worth driving to the Leesburg Wegmans if you want to stock up.


  3. Walking down E. Patrick downtown this morning, and across from the Post Office on the corner of Patrick and S Carroll St. there was a new salon– Michabel? Michabelle? Something like that! They had a banner out that said 50% off this week. I cannot find any trace of them online, and, as a product of my generation, have trouble frequenting a place if it doesn’t have even a rudimentary presence online (sad, but true). Anyone have info on the salon?


    • I’m with you – no website, no business from me. I won’t waste my time “exploring” shops. I want to know before I go. It’s that simple.


    • Also, I’ve seen some activity going on in the corner building across the street. The large windows have been papered up, but a couple days ago you could look in and saw that it’s going to be another tattoo shop.


    • I agree, thats why I wasn’t trying to argue/debate anything here. Matt was asking about something that is a big topic locally right now, and I just wanted to provide the information on the public hearings so he can go. If he’s truely interested. Then I guess a troll showed up.


  4. Roast House Pub (Formerly Philly’s) is NOW OPEN! They had a soft opening this past Monday and a Grand Opening Tuesday. Excellent food and very friendly staff. The beer selection is top notch and it’s great to see a beer selection “ON TAP” not found anywhere else in Frederick. They have beers from all across our wondeful country!



    • Hubby and I went there today for some lunch and to try the beers. Word of warning – – by all means pay the .50 for a taster of a beer before buying a whole glass of it. He ordered a Flanders Ale that tasted as though it had vinegar in it. It was a lot to spend for a beer he could barely choke down. I went with the Pitch Black IPA and it was very good. The food was very good. He had the brie and avocado sandwich on ciabatta bread and I had the Beet It salad.

      They were doing a very good business for a place that hasn’t officially announced their opening.


      • I know exactly the beer your hubby ordered, because we had a .50 taster of it this afternoon. When we ordered it, the waitress warned us that the style of beer is very sour, and she was right. The beer was appropriate for the style of beer, almost more of a sour wine… it’s just not something you find regularly around here, so I am not surprised someone not warned was put off.

        I’m worried that this place is too tiny! Their on-tap selection is great for Frederick, the food was tasty (French Dip sandwich and Avocado/Brie sandwich, + Roasted Red Pepper Queso appetizer), and the service was friendly. As soon as word gets out, they are going to be absolutely packed and it won’t be our little secret anymore.


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  6. i have been to the roasthouse pub several times, and have yet to have something i didn’t like. their potroast sandwich, avocado and brie, and the rhp chicken sandwiches are my favorite so far. the chef comes out every so often to say hello the tables, and asks how everything is…and even gave everyone last time i was there some zucchini bread, he had just whipped up, just to be nice. frederick’s best new bar/restaurant for sure!!


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