North Market Kitchen Walkthrough

Interesting to see the inside of the old Carmac Jay’s building and to hear Bryan talk about his plans for the place. Thanks to Shelly for the link.

Update: looks like the video has been taken down.


19 thoughts on “North Market Kitchen Walkthrough

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! This is better than Eastern Market in DC or any “market” in Baltimore. I hope that when it’s all done it gets featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel. And with any luck, this will get north Market cleaned up and on track for a real renewal. Now if the City would just get some courage and once and for all condemn and take the Ro properties………at this point it’s the City and the Historic District people that are standing in the way of a fully vibrant downtown.


  2. Although this sounds like a great idea I could not be more disappointed that it will occupy the space targeted for the grocery store that downtown residents have been promised ever since Carmack-Jay vacated the property 10 years ago.


  3. I’m excited! As much as I’d love a grocery story there too, a decade of waiting is long enough for a building to be vacant. What a waste of space and an eyesore.

    Glad that there are plans to do something really unique and exciting. Can’t wait to frequent this place. And, yes, I’m very giddy that it’s blocks away from my home. 🙂


  4. Does anyone think it take away business from VOLT? I’m thinking it could either boost business at both locations or this one will take off and leave Volt in the dust. If you can buy everything they use in the “grocery market” AND sit down AND take home without the wait and reservations (hopefully). Just wondering…


    • It will be casual dining with simpler food made with high quality ingredients in a family friendly environment. It won’t be pretentious haut cuisine with stuffy atmospherics like Volt. Maybe both businesses will survive because of these differences. That being said I wouldn’t go to Volt anymore, it gets old fast and I would prefer the described experience of North Market Kitchen.


  5. I think it is a great idea! I have been coming “home” for years and I will tell you that
    Frederick is thriving. I have had offices in areas of New Jersey that would give anything to be where this city is.
    Empty space is not good.


  6. Yeah! I’m glad you posted this. 🙂

    With Bryan’s passion for local products and for the Frederick community I think the last thing he’d want is for other businesses to fail because of him. And I think Volt is a completely different atmosphere than this new business. I have only been to Volt once for a special occasion because it’s just not in our budget for regular fancy dinners out. But I can see myself stopping at this new Market a few times a month to get some unique ingredients. So, loyal Volt customers will probably frequent both places. And we have so many folks coming from out of town to visit Volt. I think a new Voltaggio venture can only bring in more tourist money and that’s not all bad. It would be nice to see that end of town revitalized a little bit more. Although I do agree that the downtown needs a decent general grocery store, there are so many just outside of Market Street that some of them are going to start to fail….it’s already happened with Giant on 40 and Superfresh.


  7. SUPER AMBITIOUS! (in a very exciting way)

    It’s about time someone tried something like this. Frederick is growing rapidly and the Washington D.C. commuter is bringing in money so this will work.

    Volt is a wonderful place and this sounds just as fantastic!!! See you at the raw bar!


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