More on Voltaggio's Downtown Plans

The Washington Post has some more details on Bryan Voltaggio’s plans for downtown expansion:

[…] scheduled for an early 2012 launch in Frederick, near the chef’s original dining destination, Volt . Tentatively called North Market Kitchen for its address at 331 N. Market St., the 10,000-square foot space will be a combination 200-plus seat dining room, specialty store and exhibition kitchen with multiple stations serving pasta and charcuterie made in-house, a raw bar, cheese counter, patisserie and rotisserie.

Voltaggio says he’s modeling the business on Eataly, the sprawling Italian-themed food emporium in New York. “Primarily a restaurant,” North Market Kitchen will “also be an amenity for transient diners and downtown residents,” says the chef, who plans to stock the shelves of the “rustic-industrial” venue with some of the ingredients he uses at Volt. The ambitious project calls for lots of staff. Voltaggio says he’ll be hiring “40 to 50 cooks to make this happen.”

More jobs and more food = good news.

(via Frederick Tourism)


8 thoughts on “More on Voltaggio's Downtown Plans

  1. I agree that this is great news! That spot has been empty for so long. And the idea sounds really great and original.

    I love the idea of “multiple stations” and the fact that he’ll be hiring so many people. I think it could be a real “destination” for visitors.


  2. It’s going to be great for the north end of Market St. That building has been vacant for way too long, and they talk about Dragon Lady…

    We have a Snack Shack going in also around 4th street. I’m not sure what was there before but its been empty for a while and they have been putting in a lot of work there. I think there main thing is going to be hot dogs and ice cream but I’m not 100%. I have only been hearing things 2nd and third hand.


    • Is he still doing a place down on South Carrol St? I know he was going to, then the city had to open up bidding to everyone, then I never heard anything else.


  3. This is good news for Frederick- more incentive for visitors to spend their money here. 😉
    VOLT’s prices are completely in line with the quality of food and service. It’s a joy to have such a fantastic place right here at home. I am sure that Bryan Voltaggio is a shrewd enough businessman to price things where the market will allow.


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