American Pickers Coming to Frederick

The History Channel Show, American Pickers, is coming to Frederick soon. They are looking for all kinds of stuff (PDF). Know any locals who have this kind of “junk” hanging around their place, let the show know.  Discovered this via the Chamber of Commerce.


6 thoughts on “American Pickers Coming to Frederick

  1. This show was fine for the first couple of seasons. They are from the same part of Iowa I grew up in. Now, the show’s just grown too big and seems too pre-arranged. It really doesn’t interest me that they’re coming…..


  2. Love this show! Would hope to catch a glimpse of them passing through. Any idea what date? I don’t find any info. on this via the Chamber’s website…..


  3. cant wait to wath the show alot of the old stuff is what i have in my house garge and pole barn i wish i could go to some of the places mike and frank go to , but i dont have the address please send


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