A run down of some of the new Frederick establishments that recently opened or will be opening soon:

Did I miss anything?


13 thoughts on “Openings

    • i stopped in this weekend and got a pound of whole bean. The woman at the store couldn’t be nicer and the store itself is great. Its a shame shes so far out of downtown, because if she could somehow recreate her current space closer to the central business district she’d be a huge hit in the neighborhood.


  1. Driving to the Wegman’s opening this morning, I noticed that the “SuperFresh” on the corner of Crestwood and Ballenger Creek Pike has a “Store Closing” banner. Pretty far south to be an impact of the Wegman’s opening, though…


    • Superfresh is going bankrupt. I heard the one you mentioned is closing and the one in Brunswick (?) is as well. I also heard it was being sold to a organic grocer Mrs. Green’s Management Corp. when Frederick news post reported on it a couple weeks back.


      • An organic store? Really? Between Common Market and MOM’s, both off of 85, I think this part of Frederick is somewhat saturated in that market already…

        However, if it’s true, I hope they do well. I’d like to start shopping for dinners European style (the day I plan to cook it), but with a commute to Baltimore that just won’t happen unless something is very close to home. But neither SuperFresh, nor the Giant on New Design get my produce or meat business… maybe this is a good answer.


  2. Ah also – The former “Philly Cheese-steak” place on 355 is becoming “Roast House Pub” very soon. They’ve started putting signs up, but I didn’t see an opening date. They were boasting “over 20 craft beers”. Hopefully better than its predecessor.


  3. I told my husband about the Wegmans opening and how I wanted to go there eventually but not on Sunday. Still, he wanted to see what all the hubbub was about, so we went over there around noon yesterday. We went in and went out – it was so jam-packed, he couldn’t take it! We’ll go back later this month, maybe (if that’s not too soon).


    • We went too and it was ridiculous. First off, who was the awesomely smart planner who designed and developed the one entrance to the shopping center? Really? Grid lock much?

      It was packed, but we managed to do a quick shopping trip (the lines were not long at all, surprisingly). While some of the prices were higher than I thought they would be, all in all I spent about the same that I usually do on groceries. Looking forward to things calming down and having a more relaxing shopping experience.


  4. I wish Frederick would get a caribou coffee.
    Did anyone else here about maybe a Target and a Buffalo Wild Wings going in accross the street from Clemson Corner ?
    I really like Red Robin I’ve been there 3 times and liked it each time i’ve been there. Wegamns is cool I go there once a week. There speciality section is awsome but the grociery store part is lower mid-card. I think their coffee sucks. I really like their pizza and asain food.
    We really some more restuarants on the north side of town. I’m getting ready to try chop-sticks in the fsk mall.
    Sorry if this makes no sense. I’m just rambling.


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