The Blues BBQ Truck is on the Move

In case you were wondering where the Blues BBQ Truck had gone (like some FMO readers) it looks like they have picked up roots from their long standing location next to the Yamaha dealership and moved to a spot near Snakeman’s Tattoos. You can keep up with the truck on their Facebook page.

Related is this March article from the Frederick News-Post on owner Patrick Maggi’s plans for expanding the business:

Maggi hopes to open a downtown Frederick location on Carroll Creek, but is awaiting construction on a new building near McCutcheons.

The plan right now is for a joint kitchen with two storefronts, serving both BBQ and pizza.

“Downtown Frederick needs a good pizzeria, so we hope to open one up in a couple of years,” he said.

Amen to a good pizzeria in Downtown Frederick.


7 thoughts on “The Blues BBQ Truck is on the Move

  1. uh… between Pretzel and Pizza Creations and Brewers Alley, I have never felt like downtown frederick was lacking in good pizza, in fact, I thought they had rather exceptionally unique pizza options.


    • I actually do like Brewers Alley pizza, but I’m kinda thinking like Melissa. A place to get a slice. There used to be Casa Pizza, but that closed a while ago.


  2. I agree that downtown needs a good place where you can go for just a slice at lunch time! Not a whole pizza. A pizzeria on Carroll Creek would be nice so people in the new CO building can frequent it.


  3. I would love to have a real new york pizza joint in DT. Pizza as good as Sal used to make a Vinces New York Pizza in County Square Shopping Center. Haven’t found any around here yet. Sure lots of places say NY Pizza, but they don’t come close. Mom’s in New Market was right on for a while, but it seems like the have changed and it’s not as good (not bad, just not as good). Personally, I don’t think locating by McCutcheons is going to be a hot spot for a while. He would be better off closer to center of town. Just sayin’ I wish him much luck. Living DT I would like a few more casual/sandwich shops that would be open in the evening.


  4. it sounds like none of you have actually bothered with Pretzel/Pizza Creations, which is a shame, they use a eastern european sweet pretzel dough and a fairly thin/sweet sauce, both of which are really unique. Their Calzones are the best i’ve EVER had ANYWHERE. The last year or so they’ve been open til 3am on weekends selling pizza BY THE SLICE for bar-goers.


  5. Pizza and Pretzel Creations’ pizza is pretty terrible. Tastes like the overheated crap I ate in the dorms in college, and it’s expensive to boot.


  6. I don’t think that the Pizza and Pretzels pizza and calzones are terrible, however it’s not a very nice place to sit and eat at. I always order to go. It’s hot in there and the dining area is like in a cave. I like some natural light and big windows to watch the world go by. But that’s just me. 🙂


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