Open Thread Monday: May 16th Edition

So how is everyone this week? Did you have a good weekend?


13 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: May 16th Edition

  1. Does anyone know where the Blue BBQ truck on Grove Rd. went? I drove by there today to get my BBQ fix and it had disappeared. I hope they just relocated and didn’t permanently close.


  2. Was wondering if anyone has used any of the local airport shuttles/taxis? I see there are a few companies with a range of prices, but I wanted to know if anyone had experience (good or bad) with any of them.



    • We always call Frederick Yellow Cab. Always on time, nice cars, excellent drivers. Be wary of all advertised prices – you WILL get charged a premium for very early morning and late night rides. I used Xpress a couple of times – stopped using them when they called me to change my pick-up reservation from my house. It’s MY decision when I want to leave, not theirs. I wasn’t leaving too late to make the flight – they said I was leaving too early. I happen to like to be at the airport early. 🙂 Used another company (that I’m not sure is around anymore and can’t remember the name now) several years ago. They sent vans that were in terrible condition and I once had a driver, older lady, with coke-bottle thick glasses who held a road atlas up to her face WHILE she was flying down I-70. I was ready to get out and walk home.


      • Thanks Gypsy. I will give Yellow Cab a call.

        The coke-bottle thick glasses story is more worrisome than it is funny. Although it is a little funny!


      • I was picked up this morning by Frederick Yellow Cab to go to Reagan Nat’l. The driver was the same one that picked me up at Reagan Nat’l in early Dec of 2010. He not only remembered me he remembered that my husband lives/works in Canada and he asked if I was going up to visit him again. And then he asked after my son, whom I had talked about before and how he was taking temp jobs hoping for a perm job. So he not only showed up precisely on time in a pristine vehicle, he remembered me, details of my life and cared enough to ask. And yes, I’m visiting my husband in Canada (Montreal right now, even though he actually lives/works way up in Labrador City). I hope this same driver picks me up when I come back and for my future trips in July and August!


  3. I too was wondering about the Blues BBQ truck and I called the # on their web site yesterday and the recording said they’re relocating to Urbana . Not sure exactly where, and it didn’t sound like the relocation was complete.


  4. Just read in the FNP that the Brunswick SuperFresh will close in July, as the entire chain is bankrupt. That store has always been pretty sorry, but at least there was an option to get a few groceries at the last minute… I don’t want to have to drive to Frederick every time to get just a few things… Anybody know if another chain will take over?


    • As of now there are no takers. The Brunswick Superfresh stinks. It’s known as SuperNotSoFresh in our household but there is not another grocery store within a 12-15 mile radius so hopefully someone will come in.


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