Volt Owner Has Eye on Old Carmac-Jay's Property

From the Frederick News Post’s Voltaggio has other projects cooking:

Voltaggio is also planning to open a casual restaurant and market in Frederick. Currently, he is considering 341 N. Market St., where Carmack-Jay’s grocery store used to be.

“We’ll see. It all depends on the money,” Voltaggio said. He’s looking for investors.

“It’s going to be a restaurant, and a market second,” he said. “We’re not trying to create a grocery store. It will include everything we use in the kitchen and be available to purchase.”

He said there may be a pasta station and a raw bar where people would be able to watch what is being prepared and how. Through the chef’s table at Volt, he said he’s found that people enjoy seeing behind the kitchen doors.

I know downtown residents want a grocery store close to home, but I think anything in that building would be great.


10 thoughts on “Volt Owner Has Eye on Old Carmac-Jay's Property

    • I, too, love Trader Joe’s. But the fact is, they’ve already declined to come to Frederick, stating (as I recall) that the demographics and market size were not what they were looking for. With Wegmans here now and sure to take a huge slice of the grocery pie, it seems even more unlikely that a TJ’s would open here anytime in the foreseeable future.


  1. I heard that Phil Bowers (Brewer’s Alley, Acacia, etc.) has something cooking on N Market St. — either at the old Coca Cola place or the former Letterio’s site. A brewery + brew-on-premises kind of thing.


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