Open Thread Monday: May 9th Edition

Hello Frederick!


8 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: May 9th Edition

    • Thank you for posting that link. I’m totally in the mood for a number 19!!

      Beef burger, napa valley goat cheese, thick-cut bacon, roasted garlic mayo


    • The wait for the food was a little ridiculous but the food was spot-on! (I got the beef burger with pork belly, spicy vinegar coleslaw and bbq sauce; french fries and a chocolate shake – way too much food) Once they work out some of the logistical glitches, it should be a hit!

      I’d go back.


  1. Has anyone heard when the Roast House Pub is going to open? “Spring 2011” is quickly fading away into “Summer 2011” – so I would think they are either close to opening or behind schedule.


    • I haven’t noticed anyone working over there any time I drive by. I sensed that the project stopped moving forward – they were stalled at the permitting stage last I heard, but I hope it progressing and will open someday soon.


  2. There is a GetGo being built in front of the Giant Eagle shopping center on 7th Street. I assume that means the smaller store near Detrick will be moving?


  3. There is a new competition for called “Frederick Idol” held at Will’s Restaraunt and Bar (7429 Grove Road, Frederick 21704). There are weekly prizes and no entry fees! The contest takes place weekly through July 13th. Registration begins at 7:00 PM. Winners weekly!

    All raffle proceeds benefit The Arc of Frederick County.

    Come out to participate or simply to enjoy the show!


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