Freez King is Open

Freez King opened back up today.

The menu has been posted.

Mary Kate got some photos.

Reviews on Twitter and Facebook sounds good.

Can’t wait to stop by myself.


13 thoughts on “Freez King is Open

    • I concur. I was really disappointed even having no expectations to live up to. Maybe Mike Tauraso needs a couple of weeks. I’ll try one more time.


  1. I was unimpressed with the #9 bacon cheeseburger I got… too dry, and I couldn’t figure out the FK Burger Sauce… seems like it wasn’t on mine at all. That said, I will definitely try another burger next time.

    On the other-hand… the #29 Hot Dog with spicy mustard, diced onions and sweet relish was awesome. Decent size and priced right at $2.59.

    Didn’t go back for ice cream… the line was about 30 people long at that point.


  2. Went to the new Freez King last night. Although the line was a little long it went pretty quickly. I had the salmon burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and asian slaw, my husband had a regular burger with thick cut bacon, we got a large order of fries and a plain hot dog for the little one, as well as a small cup of ice cream. Everything was delicious and the bill was only $22! We didn’t get drinks so that probably kept the cost down, but we went and had a picnic in baker park with our food and it was great! So glad to see Freez King open again.


  3. Finally tried it today and it was the worst food I’ve had in a very long time. Hot dog was completely over cooked (tasted more like biting into jerky). Fries were cold and over cooked as well. After all the hype, I can guarantee, I won’t be back.


    • Wanted to update on my earlier post as I called and told the manager about my experience. I was pleasantly surprised at how promptly and politely my concerns were handled and am glad that good customer service still exists.


  4. I completely agree with Anna. I went there today and ordered #9 with onion rings. I brought it home for lunch. I opened the bun and, if I hadn’t paid just over $9, I would have been laughing. “Where’s the Beef?” came to mind. If that was thick-cut bacon, I’d really hate to see regular bacon. I looked for the FK sauce and it looked like 1/4 tsp. had been spread on half of the way oversized bun. I pushed the burger to one side of the bun and there was 1.5″ of bun exposed on the other side. Although, what little cheese was on the burger, it definately was Cheddar. Onion rings were good, no salt, but good. With all the people working the restaurant today, I came away with the impression (at least of the food) that no one cared. You expect that from fast food chains, I didn’t expect this. On the bright side, the service staff looked good and just a little training in sales could make them even better. Will probably go back one more time, maybe in a month, but if things haven’t changed then that will be my last visit.


  5. I’m hearing some not so great things although the menu looks tasty. I think I’ll wait a few weeks until the crowds die down and the kinks get worked out. I am happy to see that they are reading and responding to customer concerns and complaints via Facebook. That’s a nice touch and shows that they want the feedback, good and bad.

    I really hope they put snowcones on the menu. And, where’s #38?


  6. Monday, 1 PM, in need of a quick lunch decided to try the newly opened Freez King. The parking lot was nearly full. Outside picnic tables were all in use.

    Customers no longer stand outside to place an order as in the old days, orders are placed inside the shelter of the building. The kitchen appeared fully staffed and bustling to serve customers. Within 1o minutes, my plump, perfectly cooked #8 beef hamburger was delivered. It was so wonderfully delicious that my mouth waters to think of it and I cannot wait to try the #18!


  7. We went last night and, well, weren’t too impressed. The line wasn’t long and it didn’t take too much time to get our food. Our order was correct.

    I’m not a fan of their onion rings, and the sound of the number 19 burger sounded much better than it actually tasted. Yes, it was good, but it was not great. In fact, I feel like the black hog burgers are better (yes, I know it’s the same owner!). 😉 Maybe it’s too soon? Prices were a little high too.


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