Open Thread Monday: May 2nd Edition

It’s May!


21 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: May 2nd Edition

    • I haven’t been to the visitors center but it is on my list of things to do.

      Does anyone know what they are doing with the old Exxon on 7th st by the Giant Eagle? I was wondering if they are going to move the Getgo.


    • I went to the new Visitors Center as a part of Frederick FourSquare Day. It’s absolutely beautiful inside. I’ve lived in Frederick all my life, and the visitors center still gave me a ton of ideas for things to do.


  1. Anyone know if the Clock Shop on East has reopened elsewhere? I was hoping after the fire they would reopen. Now it looks like something else has taken their place.


    • I had moved out of town before fire and forgot to get my (unrepaired) clock back from them. I’m back now, but don’t know how to find them.


  2. It is going to be a Get Go, I don’t know if they are moving the old one or opening a thrid one. I’m wondering what they are doing in the CVS there.


    • I read on this site I believe that the CVS is going to be a food court for Giant Eagle in an attempt to compete with the food court at Wegmans.


      • that would be interesting……I see the Giant on 26 is renovating in preparation for the Wegmans….I just hope the competition turns into better pricing. Grocery costs are getting out of control :/


  3. Is there a problem with the comments section? I’ve been trying to reply to this but nothing goes through.

    What I was trying to say was that I’m excited that Jim will be exhibiting in the future because he takes awesome photos!

    That is all. 🙂


  4. There seems to be work going on at the old Miller’s Ice on East Street. Anyone know what’s up? Also, where Primitive Antiques used to be at the corner of South and Carroll Streets, the sign says “Leased.” Another antiques store maybe?


  5. Got this email:

    Baltimore Coffee & Tea’s three retail stores in Timonium, Frederick and Annapolis are offering one free medium coffee or tea drink to ALL moms on Mother’s Day, May 8. Hot or iced, frozen or frothy, Mom can have anything she wants that day – as it should be. No coupon, no special code word, just be a mom.


  6. Does anyone know a good place for a 7 year old girl’s birthday party? I don’t want to go to Chuckie Cheese or Adventure Park 🙂 Thanks in advance!


  7. Sorry if this is a duplicate, but my first post isn’t showing up. We had my daughter’s seventh birthday party at The Kitchen Studio on Buckeystown Pike, where the kids made a three course meal (pizza, smoothies and cupcakes, but there are other menus you can choose.) Chef Christine is great with the kids, the kids learn something, and it is entertaining for the adults as well. Would definitely do it again. For another option, we did Dance Unlimited last year, where the instructor lead the kids in games and taught them a dance routine, followed by cake, etc.


  8. Not sure when Red Robin is opening but it looks close to completion. I’m sure it will be packed. Frederick’tonians are starved for more food choices! You build it, they will come. If one has the money to open a restaurant in Frederick, it is pretty close to a sure thing. 100% return on investment:)


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