Open Thread Monday: April 25th Edition

Everyone have a good Easter/Spring Break?


12 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: April 25th Edition

  1. I have another restaurant question……Does anyone know if Palettie’s in Boonsboro closed? Also went to Sardi’s and it was awesome!!!


  2. What is the large building/store/restaurant being built across the from the Food Lion in New Market? This is right on Rt. 144. They are substantially along with the build, but yet not a single sign up to say what is coming.


  3. That makes sense, the shape of the building looks like one, now that you say that. Thanks. Too bad, I was hoping for a new place to eat!


  4. Good to see local business owners actually read this blog, I aplaud that. Now if only GT could do something about the less than desirable crowds they attract at night, I might frequent there more often.


  5. Wasps. And hornets. We never had them at all last year and now they’re out in force and very aggressive. I’ve gone thru 2 cans of Wasp and Hornet Killer spray since the 25th and started on a 3rd can. Got rid of 2 nests so far. A friend of mine, in Jefferson, said she’s finding almost impossible to do yard work this year because of the wasps and hornets. Anyone else seeing more of them than usual?? Something else I’ve noticed…..since the arrival of the wasps we’re seeing maybe 1 or 2 stinkbugs outside on the deck (where the wasps have been hanging around) each day, sometimes not even that many. Do you think the wasps are eating the stinkbugs?? Or at least the eggs?? They’ve been nesting up under the siding and facia where stinkbugs would be hanging out. All the same, I’d rather have the stinkbugs than a bunch of vicious stinging things out there. I don’t really care what they might do for the environment. I wait all winter to use the deck and I won’t be chased off by wasps and hornets!


    • Was in Lowes this morning and saw other people buying up cans of wasp and hornet spray. So I’m definitely not alone in this.


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