Open Thread Monday: April 11 Edition

I hope you all can get outside today, it’s supposed to be beautiful.


17 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: April 11 Edition

  1. my fiance is a member of the tally center…..he loves it. I am planning on joining also, they offer a lot of interesting classes at a very reasonable price


  2. Noticed over the weekend that they’re opening up a Red Robin outside FSK mall. Really? Yuck. Really miss the better food offerings when we lived in Falls Church :-/


      • uhhh…if you look for places in and around malls to
        eat Jmac, then you may not be the best source for
        evaluating restaurants. Perhaps you should go to
        Market St. in Frederick and try Volt, Acacia, Tasting
        Room, Firestones or even the Black Hog BBQ for
        something less formal (although I do love me some
        Chick Fil-A!!!)


    • All shopping centers have chain restaurant around them but I have tried food in Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington and may others and I would put the downtown restaurant up against any of them, so maybe you should try downtown.


    • They are Closing May 12th according to the FNP….Full Story will be in Thursdays Edition. I don’t Grocery Shop at the Giant on Route 40 but I do get my Perscriptions there and have my whole life!! Guess I’m gonna have to find another trustworthy Pharmacy to transfer them too…and fast!!


  3. Hello guys,

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    I tried out a lot of recipes but none convinced me so I ask you whether you know some books with good cooking recipes and instructions.
    I would be thankful for every good hint.

    Best regards,



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