Open Thread Monday: April 4th Edition

Good morning Frederick.


21 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: April 4th Edition

  1. Does anyone know of a website where I can find out about police activity in my area? Something went on in my neighborhood the other night, but I can’t seem to find out what it was. It’s not listed on the FNP Crime Report page.


  2. I went this past Friday night to Beans in the Belfrey in Brunswick, they have live local musicians play and it was so delightful. I don’t think a lot of people know about this quaint coffe shop. Check it out, great food and good music. Check website for schedule of performers.


  3. I just wanted to say – I’m out in northern California right now visiting family and friends. I was born and raised here, 2nd generation native and my daughter is 3rd generation native. And every time I come back it reinforces how much I LOVE Frederick and Maryland, and that we are truly home there. We left here 23 years ago and miss nothing about it. Our adult kids have made Maryland and Virginia their homes as well. Lived in a lot of other states in those 23 years and chose Maryland as the “last and final” place for us. Can’t wait to get back! 🙂


    • Thx. for sharing your thoughts, Gypsy. Good to see someone express some love for my native Maryland (high taxes & all), a little state in which I’ve been satisfied to stay rooted. It does eventually wear a bit thin to keep hearing from cousins & friends in Calif. about how great the weather is, how living there is like being on permanent vacation, how much I would like living in Calif. if I moved out there… etc. etc. etc.


      • Those who like to howl about the high taxes of Maryland need to come here – 10% sales tax; $4.10/gallon for gas right now and going up; my sister paid the same price for her house that we paid for ours . Hers is a 40 yr old 1600 sq foot tract home built on a slab with a very tiney yard. It’s lost 40% of it’s value in the past 2 years. Ours is a 1 1/2 yr old 4400 sq foot custom home on a 1/3 acre hilltop lot. It continues to rise in value. I lived here long enough to know the dirty secrets that they hide from the tourists. My relatives have tried all of the arguments: “We have the oceans!” So do we. “We have vineyards!” So do we. “We have sunshine!” You have dry dead grass 2/3 of the year and wildfires all summer. “We don’t have hurricanes!” No, but you do have earthquakes. We get several days warning when something like a hurricane or blizzard is coming. You get zip zero nada before a big quake. “We have San Francisco!” Yeaah. I wouldn’t brag about that. State parks here charge $25 and up for entry. Car pool lanes are no longer free on the bridges. The car pools have to pay. I could go on and on…….I cannot wait to get back to Maryland. 🙂


  4. Went to Doc Geiser’s (old Watson’s Chicken place) for lunch today. They have a “Tastes of Old Frederick” section where you can get: Doc Star Dog, Doc White Burger, and Doc Bus Dog The Doc Star Dog was a pretty close copy of the White Star version (better than my attempts at home by far) and a couple of Doc White Burgers. All in all, I’d suggest folks give it a try if you miss White Star, Snow White Grill (there’s one in Winchester, VA I hear), and the Scotty Bus Dog…


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