That Cuban Place Cafe Closes

From A Year on Market:

As I was driving up Market Street I was shocked to see Alfredo moving his equipment out of TCP Cafe. I asked him where he was moving to and he told me “storage.” According to him there are some problems with the building.

Bad news, hopefully they can find another spot in town. Here’s FMO’s review of the TCP Cafe from four years ago.


10 thoughts on “That Cuban Place Cafe Closes

  1. According to today’s FNP the building has been condemned. Now they need to condemn the building where Asiana used to be – that’s probably the only way to get the Dragon Lady’s attention. Let her rant and sue and do whatever else to get her way, and then ignore her and get on with doing something productive and profitable with those buildings.


  2. Here is the FNP article that Gypsy mentioned. Here is a little info on their future:

    Kara Norman, executive director of the Downtown Frederick Partnership, said her organization had looked unsuccessfully for alternate locations for the restaurant.

    “We would have loved to keep it downtown,” Norman said.

    So it looks like there is a possibility that we will still have TCP at some point in the future.


  3. ¡No! Di que no es así! Voy a esperar a que gran reapertura. ¿Dónde voy a obtener mi hijo y nuestro café con leche y café? En el deseo de Alfredo y su familia lo mejor

    No! Say it isn’t so! I will look forward to you grand reopening. Where will I and my son get our cafe con leche and espresso? In wish Alfredo and family the best


  4. That’s a Dragon Lady property, as far as I recall, so no shocker that it was falling apart. And she was probably regularly raising their rent, too. Grr. and that empty Asiana/Rainbow Grill building just makes me angry.


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