Open Thread Monday: March 28th Edition

Hello Frederick.


15 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: March 28th Edition

    • We drove by there yesterday and my son noticed the same thing. He said “all of their signs are down.” I was driving and not paying attention to the building. Since it’s changed ownership again maybe they’ve just ordered new signs?


    • Well I got coffee there this a.m. so it’s definitely still open. I’d say it’s probably just ordering and installing new signs with the new owners.


  1. Anyone have an idea when the Monocacy Blvd. @ 70 on ramp extension is going to open up? Past the Sheetz, Roys etc. It seems to have been sitting stagnant for awhile now. This is the same extension that you can take when leaving Costco to save you from having to get on I70 to head east.


      • I have spoken to one of the guys working the job (the bridge part over the Monocacy that connects Gas House with the southern end of Monocacy) They have had serious problems with the river flooding out the job, sink holes and the like. The last flood took out their tool containers and all contents. Spent two weeks cleaning up their tools that they could save. Their dumpsters have floated down river to end up in the farmers field. Looks like that part of the job is going to take a LONG time. These guys commute here from Southern WV to go to work each Monday morning.


    • I also noticed they haven’t completed the last link, which will make a crossing at the Rail Road tracks between Monocacy Blvd extension from 70 across South Street/Reichs Ford. I imagine they’ll have to suspend commuter traffic (I think these tracks are only used to get commuter trains into Frederick Station) or bus people to the stop behind Target while they are working on the crossing.


  2. Does anyone happen to know what the theme is for First Saturday coming up? I haven’t been out for one in several months, I am looking forward to this one.


  3. Hey all,
    I’m on here to plug a show in the hopes that there will be at least a friendly face or two in the audience…. here’s a little more info about who we are…

    The New American Dream Tour:

    2-month 2-band independently produced US tour starting in CA and Seattle and making its way all the way across the US, to NY and back!


    Blvd Park: all original Americana/Spaghetti Western band based out of Seattle, WA. Upright bass, guitar, accordian, trumpet, tambourine, banjo, male and female vocals, beautiful three part harmonies. Fun, upbeat.

    Musical Charis: all original Retro inspired Indie Folk Rock. Base out of Sacramento, CA. Electric guitar, electirc bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards, synths, congos, male and female harmonies.

    For more info please view the tour website at:

    The gang will be in Frederick, MD on Thursday, April 7th at Cafe Nola. Showtime is 9:30 with merely a $3 cover!

    Hope to see you there,


  4. I went by today for a take out menu. They didn’t have them printed yet, but the place smelled great and the food I saw looked tasty.


  5. I was concerned about the menu prices but Sumittra is well worth the luncheon visit — food is top quality and so is the warm, attentive service. Perhaps a tad too salty for my taste; overall a splendid, fresh change of the downtown palate-and-plate. I also enjoyed the sweet entertaining performance by two ladies dressed in traditional Thai garbs dancing along the aisles. (The hostess was also traditionally dressed but she did not dance. Grin.) I hope this afternoon routine becomes a staple for First Saturdays….

    I cannot remember if Sumittra offers alcoholic drinks (i.e., if not, it would be a fun dining addition/option in my humble opinion) but I look forward to dine at the place again with friends soon!

    Sumittra has a website printed on its business card but it is not yet running, apparently:


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