Frederick Link Drop for March 23, 2011

An occasional round-up interesting links about Frederick:

Note: In a previous version of this post I had confused both new cupcake purveyors coming to Frederick as one store, but there are actually two (Sweet Angela’s Cupcakery and Angel Cakes). I apologize for any confusion and appreciate Susan’s help in alerting me to the mistake.


13 thoughts on “Frederick Link Drop for March 23, 2011

  1. Oh how cool! I’m with Jim, that 3rd picture has me puzzled. Can anyone ID it?

    And I’m such a sucker for cupcakes, even though the fad is way over done, it really isn’t in Frederick – so I’m very excited about Angela’s.


    • We’ll definitely be going there! Took my sister to DC Cupcakes in Georgetown – she wanted to go there after seeing it on TV. Over priced, over hyped, sickeningly sweet, sugar-gritty frosting, had little bugs flying around the display cupcakes…….won’t be going there again.


    • The funny thing is that Georgetown Cupcakes has another location in Bethesda that rarely (if ever) has a line. Yet everyone stands in the line for the Georgetown location for hours! I can’t understand it.


  2. I just emailed Angela to congratulate her on her opening and that I’m excited about a cupcake shop in Frederick and she told me that she isn’t the owner of the shop opening on Church Street. That shop is called “Angel Cakes & Cupcakes.” (The link that you shared goes to Sweet Angela’s Cupcakery.)


  3. Sorry guys – that third picture is from Easton, MD, my destination after I left Frederick. There were a lot of similarities in the development pattern, but Frederick was simply done on a grander scale. Thanks for having me to your town and for all you have done to create a beautiful place.


  4. Hello I am the owner of Sweet Angela’s and I will be doing many Farmer’s Market in the local area. Keep in eye open for me, I will have all my goodies there.


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