Open Thread Monday: March 14th Edition

It’s Monday, time to chat. Have at it in the comments.


16 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: March 14th Edition

  1. I had lunch last week at The Black Hog and heard that they are opening a second location in Urbana next to Buffalo Wild Wings. Also, the old Freez-King location is going to re-open in April but I’m not sure in what form. Last I heard it was going to be a sandwich shop but we got side-tracked this conversation and I forgot to ask.


    • According to the owner, it will be a “high end” burger and hot dog joint. They have been trying out some of the burgers at Black Hog that they’re planning to sell at the shop. He said they’ll have ice cream also. I wasn’t a huge Freeze King fan, but it was nice to have a shop within walking distance.


  2. I saw an ad in the help wanted section of this weekend’s News-Post that a new business named ‘King Burger’ …1303 N. East St….was hiring staff. I’m pretty sure that was Freez-King’s address.


  3. I like the new site look, Guy. Sometimes when I come here it looks like the old way, sometimes it looks like the new way. Are you still playing with it or is my browser being screwy?


      • One thing with the new look i really dont like is the recent comments. I like being able to look and see which threads have recent comments on them, and then look at those threads, unless I am missing something now you only see parts of the text of 5 recent comments (was 10) and being only text I don’t know what threads they pertain to.


      • Hi tangleword, I really appreciate the feedback. I will look at the recent comments widget. My thinking was to get some of the comment into it, but I will keep messing with it.


  4. Hi everyone,
    We have nephews and niece coming to visit the end of June/July 4th. And we don’t have 2 legged kids (just furry 4 legged ones!). What are the must see/must do great-things-for-8-6-year-olds in Frederick and surrounding areas? I know of
    Dancing Bear, South Mountain, Delaplaine, Baker Creek Park, etc. But what else??
    Thanks everyone in advance!!


  5. I hit the new Marshall’s on Friday night – and so did a bunch of other people. It was packed! Anyway, it’s definitely on the small side. I felt like the selection of some sorts of things (housewares, kitchen stuff, toys) is much better at Ross. I didn’t have time to look at the shoes though.


  6. Any one know the story behind the rehab of that big old house on the corner of Clarke and Market? The owners seem to be genuinely serious about it this time.


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