Open Thread Monday: March 7th Edition

It’s Monday. Time for some gabbing.

I got one, where would you stick one of these stickers and what would you write on it?


17 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: March 7th Edition

  1. Routzahns:

    “I WISH THIS WAS”: A store that would stop lying about going out of business and mandatory “inventory” reduction.

    Is it common knowledge that the “liquidation” is a ruse, and that the Fitzgerald family bought the property w/ all intentions of letting Routzahns continue business?


    • Had a friend go in there thinking there would be some good deals and they told her the store was not closing or liquidating anything. I went in once and never went back. I was set upon by a salesperson as soon as I walked in and even though I kept saying that I just wanted to look around, that person refused to leave me alone. I finally just walked out. I won’t tolerate predatory sales people like that in any store.


      • Yep, same thing happened to me. Shady business all around. Shady salespeople, you can’t find an actual price w/out speaking to the slimy vultures, no liquidation in that they don’t sell any of their actual inventory… they just place orders to their same old suppliers.

        Meh, end rant. Can anyone suggest a decent furniture store in the area outside of the usual chains?



      • I do like Wolf’s, chain that it is. They leave you alone. I also really like Gardiner’s up in Westminster. No one bothers you and they are very friendly and helpful, and quick about deliveries.


      • Same thing happened to me. The person asked if I needed help, said I wanted to look around, and he followed me everywhere. Felt like I was in a stare down the whole time. Just gave me the creeps. Left and never came back.


  2. Random question. Does anyone know the status of the growth in the neighborhoods around Lake Linganore? I am moving there soon and was wondering if they planned on opening up any new access roads to the neighborhood since there seems to only one way in/out currently. Also, are they still planning on building around the new Oakdale High?


  3. Gladhill’s in Middletown or Bast of Boonsboro for local furniture. I tend to go the Ikea route, myself. I don’t need pieces to last forever.

    I’d slap one of those stickers on the “Carmack Jay’s” on Market between 3rd and 4th. I wish it was …ANYTHING except an empty building. I mostly wish it was a Trader Joe’s, but they’ve been clear about not coming to Frederick, so I’ll wish it was a marketplace of booths for local businesses, be they farm, craft, or service.


  4. I had a door to door guy from Washington Gas and Electric knock on my door today. He explained that they had mailed something last summer about our choices for a different electric provider. Now, A) I’m a renter and B) my cousin has worked for Allegheny Power for 20+ years so I politely tell him Thank you, but we’re not interested. He rolls his eyes and mumbles “well okay, whatever” and walks away clearly put off that I had the audacity to not let him proceed. I asked him his name as he was leaving our walkway and he replied “Tim… why?” I just shut the door.

    So, I guess, I’m never going to be a customer of Washington Gas and Electric by choice due to this experience and I’m going to post this in a few different venues because my kid is sick and I’m bored.


    • Ian, I believe you must be referring to Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES), an affiliate of Washington Gas, which has been mailing solicitations to households to choose WGES as their electricity supplier, a choice than can be made in this deregulated environment. They are asking consumers to consider whether their pricing structure is more advantageous than that offered by their current utility company. WGES also highlights the fact that a certain amount of their supplied electricity comes from wind power. However, that doesn’t mean the current local utility would no longer involved in delivering your electricity, as stated below in an excerpt from WGES’ website:

      “You may now choose WGES to become your low cost energy supplier, but your local utility company will continue delivering your electricity, reading your meter, and providing emergency service just like they always have.”


      • It’s too bad you don’t work for them, FrederickFan, instead of the smarmy individual who represents the face of WGES in my household.


      • Yes, these very pushy, rude, and generally nasty folks have been by my home twice…and both times politely (at first) and finally firmly told that we do not purchase or deal with anyone door to door. I had to shut my door in the face of the rude “well, at least you could listen to what I have to say” individuals, both times to a snotty “I guess you just don’t want to save money” comments. Researched online…scam, scam, scam…


      • Unless I’m expecting someone I just don’t answer the doorbell. Just because the cars are in the driveway – they don’t know that I’m not out walking the neighborhood or just out with a friend in their car. I also don’t pick up calls when I don’t recognize the caller ID or it’s a obviously a sales call. I stopped feeling somehow obligated to doorbells and ringing phones a long time ago. If I’m upstairs I can look down to the front of the house to see who’s there. Otherwise, our familyroom is at the back of the house and there’s no way anyone can see if I’m here or not.


      • Salespeople at the door are the last thing most of us want to deal with, especially if they’re pushy and obnoxious. Though contact info. for WGES (and other retail energy suppliers) can be found on the Washington Gas website, there are a ton of complaints about WGES on the Web that, along with what’s been said here, send up a big red flag to anyone considering signing on. I myself have only received a couple of low-key mailings from WGES in a year or more (no sales visits) and hadn’t heard of their hard-sell door-to-door marketing. But, based on what’s come to light about their policies and tactics, any thoughts I might have had about signing up have been put to rest.


  5. I am planning on moving to Frederick,Md sometime in the next year. I have a son who lives in Fairfax,VA and one that lives in Baltimore. I am a senior and would like to find a place to rent for $1,000. or less. I need a place that is nice and safe. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be appreciated very much. Thank you


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