Marshalls Grand Opening

According to Marshalls’ website their new Frederick store will be opening on March 10th:

Clemson Corner
7840 Wormans Mill Rd
Frederick, MD 21702
Grand opening on March 10th, 2011 from 8am – 10pm!

Seems early compared to Wegman’s June opening date.

(Thanks for the tip Ken)


11 thoughts on “Marshalls Grand Opening

  1. Doesn’t seem like Marshall’s adds a whole lot to our shopping situation in Frederick. I could have sworn we already had one on Guilford Road, but I guess that’s Ross, which strikes me as pretty much the same thing. They could have put an Old Navy there and it would have done amazingly well.


  2. If you’ve been inside a Wegman’s or Marshall’s, think about the inside of the stores for a minute. There is ten times more interior finishing to be done in that Wegman’s. I think they’ll be doing pretty good if they are done by June.


  3. As Frederick grows you think they would add stores that most of us drive down the road for like Old Navy, Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, etc..


    • I agree with you, and while Old Navy would be a smart move, I can’t imagine Crate & Barrel & Williams-Sonoma coming here. Trader Joe’s would be really helpful and a smart move as well. Marshall’s is just more of the same as we already have, it doesn’t add anything really.


      • I’m also less than thrilled at the prospect of Marshall’s opening. Granted, I’ve only been in two different stores previously, but shopping in both was an unpleasant experience–merchandise in disarray, poor selection, indifferent employees, and…smelly! I’d love a Trader Joes, too, but they’ve made it clear they have no intention of coming to Frederick (pretty crazy, if you ask me). I really am surprised that Old Navy isn’t here; I’m sure it would do well. But it least we have the Wegman’s opening to look forward to!


      • I went in to Marshall’s today. It was about 11:30 am and completely packed. The line for the registers curled around twice. I was only disappointed in how very small their selection of Petite sizes is – two racks with barely anything on them. Much better shoe selection than Ross’ or TJMaxx. Housewares were okay – room to stock some more. Aisles are very tight. I haven’t been in Burlington Coat Factory in years, so I can’t compare to that – but I never cared for any of the clothing in Burlington when I did go. Nowadays I mostly go to TJMaxx/Homegoods in Mt. Airy for housewares and furniture pieces and they do have a better selection of Petites than either Ross’ or Marshall’s.

        All that being said, I certainly didn’t see why access is such a problem for some people. It was pretty easy to get in and out. I can see that road going in from Hwy 26 getting very badly backed up around Christmas, though.


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