Open Thread Monday: February 14th Edition

It’s Monday, go forth in the comments and chat about whatever you would like. As long as it’s Frederick-related and civil, anything goes.


30 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: February 14th Edition

      • Love Sardi’s! I hadn’t heard of it either until I saw a “Deal of the Day” coupon o the FNP. The fried yucca is excellent.


    • I agree, Sardi’s is great. I also agree about the crummy location, but oh well. I’m so glad we have good Peruvian food now, if only we had viable Japanese, Thai, and Korean so we could stop having to go to Montgomery County for that.


    • I stopped going there when Barnes and Noble opened. I buy mostly magazines and travel books at B&N. I’ll never go the eReader route – which is what is really killing bookstores. I like real books in my hands.


    • That is surprising that we made the cut. It’s a very nice store, but the rent on stores that big must be so high while sales must be so low, since Amazon has changed the book biz, not to mention ereaders (which I also am not into).


  1. HELP!! Early next month we are being visited by a three year old and a five year old!! Both are energetic to say the least. We are new to the area and have downsized to a condo that is NOT decorated for children, so I need to get them out of the house as much as possible. Do any of you have any ideas. I will be forever grateful. Thanks!


    • Hang out downtown. Go to Baker Park. Go to Dancing Bears toy store. Walk up and down Market and Patrick and go to Shab Row. Go to the new train museum on East Street (Roads & Rails Museum) if it’s open (museum opens Spring ’11, but the gift shop is open now). Hang out at the C. Burr Artz Library and read books, play with puzzles, do story time. See if there are any kids shows playing at the Weinberg theater.

      Go to Thurmont and hike at Cunningham Falls. If the weather is nice go to the big slide (

      Visit one of the alpaca farms in the county. Get a tour and meet a bunch of really cute and funny alpacas.

      If you want to take some field trips, head down to DC and go to the Smithsonians. Many of them have great kids areas and are free. Go to Baltimore to the aquarium, kids museum (Port Discovery), science center, etc.

      There are a lot of options!


  2. For you Frederick gym afficionados out there, Gold’s is now Sport & Health. I hope they have some money to inject into the place, although if their gym near Lakeforest in Gaithersburg is any indication, I don’t know…


      • I think you need a special membership to use all their clubs- I’m pretty sure that ordinarily, you just pick one of their clubs to join. Makes sense, since it’s only $40 a month to join the one in Lakeforest, but much more for the one in Rio.


      • Wish they would have bought Frederick Athletic Club, that place needs a serious facelift. Ellipticals have been broken for months now, locker room is dirty and smells.


    • Hi Noah! Sorry, just now seeing this, I’m a newbie to this website. We are indeed in the process of renovating the club (general facelift plus new exercise equipment). We also just leased space for an additional club at Market Square in North Frederick.


  3. What?! I’m a Gold’s member and go in there regularly. I haven’t noticed anything different or received any communication about a change. It was mentioned in one class that we might be getting new equipment.
    I just called out of curiosity and they answered “Frederick Sports and Health Club.” Lol, guess it’s true. He said nothing would change with rates and classes, they were just getting a “facelift.”


  4. Next time you go in, you’ll see a difference. They’re taking all the Golds signage down today. They took all the little “golds gym” logos off the individual dumbbells, believe it or not.


  5. With the warm up I’m seeing the stink bugs back!! AAARRRRGGHHH!!! They’re reappearing in my house and outside on the porch and deck. I’m killing them as I find them but I’m really worried that they’ve been spending the winter under cover and are going to come out even worse than last year. I won’t take this another year. Any suggestions on how to annihilate them???? I don’t want to “live with them”, I don’t see them as “harmless” and I want them all very very dead very soon.


  6. Golds Gym in Frederick changed hands. I just found out that the Gold’s is now called Sport and Health, they say the contracts will be the same. Anyone know anything more? Kind of a surprise.


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