Open Thread Monday: 2/7/11 Edition

How about them Packers?


15 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: 2/7/11 Edition

  1. Recently I saw a terrific bumper sticker which read, “LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE”. Do any of you know where this could be purchased? Thanks!


    • This is from a January FNP article:

      The Frederick Towne Mall was the top concern residents voiced regarding the Golden Mile area. They agreed something needed to be done with the property. Boscov’s and The Home Depot both own their buildings near the mall.

      “Boscov’s has a lease longer than most of us will live,” said Stephen Ifshin, chairman of DLC Management.

      DLC has been managing the possible improvements to the mall for the past three years.

      Ifshin said he is currently negotiating with two viable tenants to anchor the property; he wouldn’t disclose who they were.

      By late spring or early summer 2012, Ifshin said the mall would be torn down and made into an open-air shopping center.

      He expects to present a plan to city leaders in six weeks to three months.

      “We’re prepared to sit down and meet with the city to come up with a viable plan that both of us can live with,” he said. “If I can deliver a shopping center that will live here for 25 years and won’t be subject to the whims and to the credit market so we don’t have to worry about it going out of business again, that is my objective.”


  2. I know they never could get their website up. Every time I tried to access it, it still said it would be ready in November 2010. Before that, it was supposed to be up in the Summer. Reviews were middling at best. Some raves, just as many rants. I set a great deal of store by 1) a good website with menu and photos and 2) a majority of good reviews. It saves me a great deal of time and heartache if I can have those things to look at before I spend the money. Business owners who don’t want to get on the internet may disagree but that’s how it is now. I’m simply completely unimpressed with a retail or food establishment that can’t put up a good website. And I’m 55 – not some “youngster” who may be far more used to the web.


    • Quick addition: Up til a week or so ago, I could get the page that said their website was coming in November 2o1o. I just tried again and now even that is gone.


  3. And a word to Sam Wong’s Salon – I’ve heard great things about you, but like Shannons Tea Room, the only web page you have says you’ll have a complete one “Spring 2010.” Well, now it’s almost Spring 2011 and you still don’t have it together. It may not matter to you, but I’m not interested until I see a complete list of services, prices, and stylists. Take a lesson from Jon David’s Salon in Springfield VA. That is an outstanding site and they take appts on-line. They had my business from day one of living in Alexandria.


    • I agree with you about updated websites. At the very least an updated/active Facebook page is nice (even though I’m not on Facebook, I can still see the content).


  4. The Pack is Back, let’s hear a cheer… GO PACK GO! The Green, The Gold, the Cheese, Old Milwaukee Beer… GO PACK GO!!!! Titletown is back.


  5. Some help needed – – I want to have a big potluck type meal for the hiking group I lead, the Maryland Trail Dames to celebrate our first anniversary. I want to do it on a Saturday in April, preferably Apr 16. I could rent a shelter at one of the state parks but if the day turns out to be cold, rainy, stormy that blows the potluck and eating outdoors. The Tea Room at Gambrill is booked solid so that’s out. Does anyone know of an indoor venue, room for at least 40 – maybe as many as a 100 – and parking for them? The tables and chairs would have to be there. We wouldn’t necessarily need any kitchen facilities. I don’t have the parking room at my house or I’d just try to do it here. Not even near my house, so that’s out. I don’t know where to start looking.


    • I’m not sure of your budget, but the Delaplaine is very reasonable for event rentals. Their pavilion room holds up to 100 and they have tables and chairs, as well as a small prep kitchen. Call Marilyn Orsinger for details/availability.


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