Coal Fire Pizza Coming to Frederick

Just found out in the Open Thread that Coal Fire Pizza is coming to Frederick and will be located in the new Clemson Corner shopping center.

A little more about them from their site:

Coal Fire was created in an attempt to perfect the most popular food in America…PIZZA. Our commitment to our artisan style pizza is exhibited by the freshness of our ingredients and the attention to detail taken during the preparation & cooking process. Our homemade dough is aged, brought to the proper temperature and hand tossed to create the perfect bake. We’ve created three original sauces to please any palate. These sauces are made and tasted daily to ensure quality and consistency. Our fresh mozzarella is handmade in house daily and sliced, not shredded. Our Pizzaiolo brings everything together with our 900 degree coal fire oven resulting in a melding of flavors on a delicious thin crust which is “Charred to Perfection” for your enjoyment!

Along with the pizza, our salads, sandwiches, sauces and dressings are all homemade with the freshest ingredients. We make every attempt to purchase the produce and meats used in our products from local merchants. We hope you enjoy your dining experience at Coal Fire.

Anyone out there try the Ellicot City or Kentlands locations? They seem to be getting decent reviews on Yelp.


24 thoughts on “Coal Fire Pizza Coming to Frederick

  1. Sounds like a great place! As for what else might come to Clemson Corners, I have my dreams……Chili’s, REI, Fuddrucker’s, TJMaxx/Homegoods (It’s a darn long drive to Mt. Airy for one store). Like I said, just dreams. 🙂


  2. Is there any confirmation on this? I know we saw a small logo for this Coal Fire Pizza place on a proposed leasing plan last year, but hadn’t seen anything else since then…


  3. Coal fired pizza is great. A buddy and I had Johns pizza in the village in NyC a few years ago and had the idea to bring it to Frederick. We just started talking about it again, shame to see we weren’t the only ones with the idea.


      • Kinda comes back to the old tired “we don’t need another restaurant” whine. Ever tried to get into Bone Fish Grill on a Saturday after 5 pm? Or a Wednesday after 6 pm? Any downtown restaurant on a Friday or Saturday after 5 pm without reservations? Any restaurant on the Golden Mile on a Friday or Saturday evening without reservations? Any restaurant at Westview? And I mean – walk in and get a table with less than an 30 minute wait? You can’t. I’ve been at Brewers Alley on a Saturday when parties have been told it would be 4 hours. Yes, we can support another really good pizza/Italian restaurant.


      • That’s just it: I’m not saying “we don’t need another restaurant.” On the contrary, we need MORE on the order of Bonefish Grill and Brewers Alley and Cacique. IMHO we just don’t need to be adding to the pizza/sub places that are already plentiful.


      • We’ll drive from Waterside to Spring Ridge for New York J&P Pizza, or the occasional Il Forno, as while there are pizza places in Frederick, there aren’t a lot that we think are great. I mean, Pizza Hut isn’t any more “pizza” than Taco Bell is Mexican food. We hit Grimaldi’s or Lombardi’s when we visit NYC, so we’re excited by this new place opening close by. Also, Fireworks Pizza in Leesburg is awesome, but 30 minutes away…


    • Give Marco’s in Williamsport a try. It is owned by Marcello, the same guy who used to own Rocky’s up near Amber Meadows. Williamsport is a little far to go for pizza, but it is closer than NJ.


  4. There are many pizza places but none seem to have anything worthy, except Il Forno (their bacon lover’s pizza is da bomb). Sounds like this place might step up to the plate? Looking forward to giving it a try.


  5. We tried the Coal Fire Pizza location in Ellicott City a few weeks ago. They have 3 choices of sauce you can get on your pizza, a traditional, a spicy, and their sweet and spicy specialty. We tried the sweet and spicy and it was definitely sweet, so you can’t say they don’t warn you. The crust, cheese and toppings were really good, we’ll probably try one of their other sauces when they open in Frederick, but we definitely like it. It’s also more of a rustic bar kind of ambiance as well….


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  7. Terrible food! Went to Coal Fire at Clemson Corner about a month ago and I have to say it was terrible. The pizza tasted like something you would get at a carnival or maybe from the frozen food isle of the grocery store. The “Coal Fire” seemed to be a gimmick as my crust had no special flavor aside from burnt – no different from making pizza at home and leaving it in the oven way too long. The sauce was bland and flavorless and almost seemed like it came from a can. There was nothing special about the cheese or the toppings aside from the fact that they were almost nonexistent.

    We ordered salads and they were also pretty bad. Generic oil and vinegar dressing (not premium oil or balsamic, etc) on a standard fare house salad like you would get at Denny’s. They served the salad with a piece of toast on top as some kind of a garnish.

    Unfortunately I was taking my father out to dinner that evening and I was really embarrassed to have taken him there. I’m thoroughly convinced that all of the positive reviews that have been posted are from employees or owners of the restaurant trying to drum up business.


      • Ian

        I sincerely apologize. I didn’t even realize that I was even joining some type of forum or formal site, nor did I even wish to join a forum. I googled “coal fire pizza frederick” and found the reviews listed here and elsewhere online. I had read some of the positive reviews prior to taking my family to Coal Fire and was expecting great things. After my visit, I was so disappointed in the poor quality of the food that I felt obligated post my honest opinion as fair warning to other potential customers so that they may have fair expectations.

        As for calling all of the other reviewers “shills” working for that establishment I misspoke and for that I apologize as well. My intent was that I had read several reviews, not necessarily here but posted online that were very suspect, very similar in content and composition that were written almost as a sales pitch but not as an actual dining experience.


    • Just read another review online comparing the food to Denny’s – no relation to that poster but my reference to the salad being like Denny’s was because I was trying to think of a very generic, sit down restaurant that serves mediocre food.


  8. The coal-fired pizza craze is sweeping the nation, and has long been popular along the Atlantic Seaboard in Florida and New York City. Visit Chowhound or Yelp, and you will find lots of people raving about coal-fired pizza, so the cooking method is definitely sound.

    Let’s hope the Frederick restaurant settles in after its grand opening, tweaks a few things, and starts dishing out first-rate pizza. As always, customer feedback helps the kitchen do a better job but, at this early juncture, I think it’s a bit premature to write off a restaurant based on a single, and very early, experience.


  9. I had Coal Fired pizza in Delray Beach this past week while visiting friends. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. It is the best tasting pizza I have ever had. I certainly hope we get one near where I live in the near future. I recommend you try it. I’m sure you will not be dissapointed.


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