Open Thread Monday: January 31st Edition

It’s that time again, you know what to do. Have at it in the comments …


16 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: January 31st Edition

  1. I’ve heard that Hagans is going to be opening up again as fine dinning place. Anyone know anything about this? What type of food, new name, any info? Thanks, just being nosey.


    • Facility is really nice. Check the times the leagues you are interested in playing in are scheduled. I’ve been playing there pretty much since it opened, so ask away.


      • I’m interested in the Thursday night co-ed leagues. I was told that I could either sign up as “free agent” and play for a few nights as a guest player or I could just show up and see if anyone needs a guest player. Do you have a recommendation on which is better – free agent or just showing up? Thanks Ian!


      • Free agent might be better to start off with, but it doesn’t really matter. With 8 week league rotation you can do whatever you want. I’d just show up one night and watch a few matches, their website has league schedules posted.


  2. Strange question, but I’ve been working out for a year now at Planet Fitness and I was wondering if anyone could recommend another gym? I understand it’s going to be busy this time of year, but planet fitness has gotten consistently busier and don’t seem to be keeping up their equipment well.


    • I recommend the YMCA strongly. It costs about $75 a month for my wife and I, and they have everything PF has plus two pools, a sauna, a steam room, a whirlpool, lots of classes, racquetball, a youth center and more. It’s the best bargain I’ve found, and they keep up their facilities very well. Plus, the new year’s resolutioners have started to fall off.


    • I’ve been happy at Gold’s Gym (Rt 85) for the last 6 years, although I imagine the complaint of not keeping equipment up well will be true for most area gyms- it may be a product of the economy and the upkeep has fallen by the wayside. I know Fitness First on Golden Mile has been remodeled and much improved in the last 2-3 years, so you might check that out too.


  3. Does anyone know any addtional stores going into the clemson corner? The corner building looks to house 10-12 stores and have only heard of marshalls and coalfire pizza…


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