Mud Dog Run

Registration is open for the Mud Dog Run:

The Mud Dog Run is a fun, high intensity, obstacle course run around one of Frederick, Maryland’s most beautiful farms. Starting at Ceresville Mansion, the Mud Dog Run will encompass 5 Kilometers of tough terrain including Israel Creek and the Monocacy River. This race is not for the faint of heart. If you like a challenge and some food topped off with Flying Dog beer at the finish, then the Mud Dog Run is just your type of race.

A portion of the proceeds from the race will help start the FISC Foundation, whose purpose is to provide scholarships to local athletes of all ages.

Place and Time: Ceresville Mansion Meadow on April 16th at 11 AM for first wave and 11:30 for second wave. The Mud Dog party will begin with music, food and beer at 11 AM and will continue until 3 hours after the first finisher of the second wave.

Registration Fee: $55 for pre-registrants before April 1st. All registration after Midnight on April 10th will cost $65 (This includes race day registrants). Registration is limited so please don’t wait!

I just registered. I’ll be the one gasping for air and flailing around.


9 thoughts on “Mud Dog Run

  1. That is awesome! I’ve been checking out these crazy runs recently but they’ve all been 3+ hour drives. I will definitely be at this one. Thanks for letting me know!


  2. This sounds like so much fun! Do you know what the “obstacles” are?? Just wondering what an example would be. Thanks!!


    • Hi Tricia, not sure what the obstacles will be. The site doesn’t list them out. My guess is that it would something like the Warrior Dash, but that is only a guess. If you find out anything let us know. I’m running it and am also curious.


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  5. I could not catch the race but, could someone info me about the next one. It sure looked like fun. I an down for getting dirty. LOL!!!


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