Open Thread Monday

It’s an open thread Monday.

Have at it in the comments.

Whatever is on your mind: a bit of news, a question, a restaurant review, or anything Frederick-related. Just post a comment and talk away …


24 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday

  1. Hey I like this! It’s hard to decide where to put comments sometimes and I’ve always wished there was a way to just enter one without trying to track down an old thread that it might go with or email you with the question/comment.

    I’d love to know if anyone has applied to Wegman’s and/or the new Lowe’s? How did you do it and have they started interviewing yet? I’d love to see my son work at either store.


  2. Proof Bakery is now Sumittra Thai Cuisine. They have signage up but paper still lining the windows. I’m pretty excited about having some Thai food in downtown. I wonder if it will be a sit down place or more casual? Anyone know?


    • It looks like it will be sit-down. They have been doing a lot of work inside. We met one of the people outside the other evening — he said they are aiming for February to be open.


  3. I am new to Frederick and cannot understand why the MARC train runs only for commuters. If there were just two added daily-say at 10AM to DC, returning at 9PM, we could go into town, have fun at some museums, have an early dinner and return. I can’t believe there wouldn’t be a high volume of use. Can someone explain?


    • Ever since that station went in (early 2000’s) people have wanted to see more service, especially a couple of weekend train runs. Never heard why we can’t have it. LOTS of people of would use it to get to DC! Instead if we want to ride mass transit and not drive into DC, we have to drive all the way to Shady Grove. Forget it. If I have to drive that far, and pay to park, I may as well drive the rest of the way into DC and pay to park. I always park in the L’Enfant garage and walk from there. Or, go in early on Sunday and park for free along Independence Ave by the Smithsonian complex. Spare me the cost of gas argument. I’d rather have my car and be free to go when I please and I’m not giving that up until we can take the MARC train in on the weekends.


      • Totally agree about how great it would be if MARC made a daily Frederick-to-DC day trip outside prime commuting hours. If not during the week, at least on Sat. and Sun.! But alas, I don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future given cold, hard budgetary realities. Same thing that, some years back, eliminated weekend MARC train service to Orioles ball games. I still fondly recall being able to leave the car in the MARC parking lot at Germantown and travel to/from Camden Yards via train. Good times.


      • I believe the issue is that the track’s owners, CSX, are making too much money on freight to give any more time to commuter traffic. I mean, the same train could also run into Baltimore, but the Port of Baltimore & Coal mines in WVa hog all the track time.


    • It’s most definitely budgetary reasons. I agree that it would be a great addition. As a MARC commuter, it would also be nice to have one more train for one of those mornings (like today) when the office is on delayed opening but the 7:10 train is still the last from Frederick.


  4. Hi there! I think an open thread is a great idea. I had a question and I hope someone has the answer. I was driving down Market today and saw it was lined with flags. Was it just because of the holiday (MLK) or something else? Thanks!


  5. Thought I’d update something that got it’s start on this website – the Maryland Trail Dames. I am now up to 300 members! This site was my first publicity of the group. That led to two newspaper articles and our amazingly fast growth in membership. We just did a hike this past Saturday, on the AT in the snow and cold, with 28 members. We’re drawing from as far as Chesapeake City (2 hours away). Thank you Guy for letting me promote the group here first!


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