Local Book Store in New York Times

Wonder Books and Video were in the New York Times:

The Maryland-based Wonder Book, then, with its 54,000-square-foot warehouse, represents the mass market. Chuck Roberts, its amiable owner, said he gets requests from developers, set designers, decorators needing 1,000 books for a holiday deadline, even wedding planners.

“We’ve had a great year — it’s broken all records,” Mr. Roberts said, noting that his book-by-the-foot business now represents almost 20 percent of his total sales. Though “earth tones” are his bestsellers, he said, last week a national builder asked for light blue and gray books to stage multiple homes. A TV news program wanted linen-wrapped books chopped in half to fit the shallow, faux-shelves of a political interview program. And on Tuesday, a Chicago restaurant called for 100 linear feet of distressed clothbound books. “Must be there by Monday!” Mr. Roberts said.


2 thoughts on “Local Book Store in New York Times

  1. Wow. A piece of Frederick has hit the “big time.”
    Thanks for keeping we Fredericktonians in the know FMO.

    I have dropped off many books to Wonder books — so that means a part of me has perhaps been in a movie or play or TV show. Who knew 🙂

    Happy New Year.


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