A Map of Christmas Lights

FMO Reader Becca has put together a map of great Christmas light displays around Frederick county. If you know of some must see lights send Becca a comment so she can add them to the map.

Speaking of Christmas, the family and I got a tree for 15 bucks at E&E Trees (warning, music plays on the site). Thought I’d pass that bit of savings along.



9 thoughts on “A Map of Christmas Lights

  1. hi guys!

    I’m not sure why the link isn’t working for everyone, but another way to find the map (maybe we should think of this as the treasure hunt method…) is by going to Google Maps @ http://maps.google.com, clicking the light blue “Show search options” to the right of the search box, selecting User-generated Maps, then searching Frederick MD Holiday Lights. Good luck and add some lights to the map!



  2. Thanks Mike (and everyone else who has added spots to the map)! It’s growing so be sure to check it out! I’m heading out tonight to see the places that have been added and try to get some pictures…


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