On a whim, I decided I was going to stop in at CiCi’s for a quick slice last night, but I noticed the new Korean wrap place, GogiBop had balloons and a small “Grand Opening” party going on.  I found out they had just opened their doors on Saturday night, so Sunday was their first full day of operation.

Think of this like a BajaFresh or Chipotle of Korean food.   Order a wrap or a bowl, rice first and then either beef , chicken, pork or shrimp with remarkably simple and delicious optional toppings that are either grilled (Zucchini, Green Pepper, Onion, Mushrooms, Corn) or fresh (Onion, Cucumber, Lettuce, Chile Peppers).  Hidden behind the counter (I had to ask) is an array of sauces.  I chose the Sriracha sauce, but the owners started chatting with me and I tried the “house” sauce which was a bit more mild but sweet and yummy, especially with a bit a sriracha added to heat it up.

Sadly, there is no Bibimbap or Bulgogi, two of my most favorite Korean dishes, but at least we have Korean in Frederick, again!  When you go (and I think you should), make sure you tell them FMO sent you!

And, just to be fair, you should try Cici’s if you haven’t already.  The pizza is very good, very reasonably priced (only $9.99 for 3 pizzas, take-out) and I think the salads are awesome too.  Now we have two new choices in Westview.


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  2. Actually there’s a third new choice in Westview: JimmyJohn’s in the Westview Corner between Smoothie King and Rib City.

    I was excited about Gogibop opening, but must admit I was somewhat underwhelmed when I tried it. They could use a bit larger menu and I was expecting the wraps to be a bit better and should have been bigger for the price. Certainly I’ll be back at some point, but not necessarily in any hurry.

    Interestingly, this is the first time I’ve heard anyone refer to Cici’s in a positive way; everyone I’ve spoken to has said it’s awful. I figured the crowd in there was because it’s a cheap buffet, which will always be a big sell around here, regardless of quality. I must admit I’m curious to try someday.


  3. This place is a disgrace to all Korean food. I asked for Kimchi and they didn’t know what it was. Same thing when I asked if the beef was Bulgogi. There is nothing Korean about the place except the name. Wait for summer and the GoGo Gogi Truck. Let’s all hope he opens a REAL Korean restaruant. Goodness knows that Frederick needs one.


    • We could definitely use some Korean food in Frederick, although it seems like Korean restaurants are dwindling even in Rockville, so I’m not holding out any hope for that. Agreed that Gogibop was Korean in name only.


  4. We’ve never had authentic Korean food, so maybe our opinion isn’t the most “educated” on this topic, but we found this place to be tasty. I had the pork bowl, with all the cooked veggies, plus tomatoes. I put a mix of Jalapeno Ranch and the “house pepper sauce” on it. He got the shrimp burrito, with pepper sauce and possibly sirracha on it (I don’t recall, exactly). Both were a good change compared to places we usually go around here.

    Also, I agree with the suggestion to give CiCi’s a chance… but not for dine-in if you can avoid it. They’ve got the music turned up terribly loud, and of course the buffet-style feeding frenzy and food freshness issues are a turn-off. However, their carry-out deal of 3 for 9.99 is great, and the pizzas are not of awful quality. As fast as frozen, and just about as inexpensive.


  5. I’ve never had Korea food either so my opinion may not count. I had the pork bowl as well and it was great. The food was yummy, the veggies were crunchy and fresh, the pepper sauce was great. My husband liked the chicken burrito as well. I’ll agree that it is a nice change of pace. My only real complaint was about the young man working the counter. He was extremely slow, almost seemed confused when you asked for more than one thing at a time, and tried to put things on our food that we didn’t ask for. I’m so he’ll get better as time goes on, but be prepared for a little wait until they get into the swing of things. The owner was awesome about going next door to CiCi’s to get a high chair for us so we could dine in. I’m sure he’ll get some soon enough. My only suggestions are as follows:

    The place needs music, it was so quiet when people were in there, which makes it awkward. I would have loved some kind of sweet sauce as well as the house pepper sauce. Make sure that people are getting their food in a reasonable amount of time. My food was ice cold by the time my husband got his and we could sit down to eat together.

    I will certainly go back and check it out again. Hopefully service is a little faster the next time around. Everyone was super friendly and we really did enjoy it.


  6. Wow- I went to Cici’s becasue my ten year old really, really wanted to go there. I thought pretty much everything there was below average at best.


  7. visited gogi bop last weekend and thought it was delicious. sure, i doubt its authenticity, but i think chipotle or california tortilla are delicious and are welcome additions to my eating-out choices, though probably not *real* mexican food. think of it as a korean chipotle. your options are simplified, the food is fresh, and you’ll always leave full! i will be back for more.


  8. “but i think chipotle or california tortilla are delicious and are welcome additions to my eating-out choices, though probably not *real* mexican food.”
    Actually, Chipolte is about as close to REAL Mexican food that you will ever get north of the border. Ask anyone who has been to Mexico if you doubt me.


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  10. Tony and I had lunch at Gogi Bop yesterday. I had heard about it from a friend of mine.

    We liked it although Tony thought the portion of meat was too small. I agree, but was also fine since I ordered more veggies than he did. More importantly for me, I would like to see more typical Korean Banchan sides like kimchee, pickled bean sprouts, radish salad, and my favorite, a sesame flavored spinach.

    I find that many ethnic restaurants cater to American tastes. I’d rather see this place go all out with only Korean foods (again such as the side dishes you normally get in a Korean restaurant). If a dish is supposed to be hot and spicy, serve it that way. I miss Mrs. Pak and her Korean restaurant and especially her imperial rolls!! (can’t think of the name but it’s where the building was torn town and a garage put up).

    The owner, Marty, introduced himself to us. We chatted for about 10-15 minutes and he is looking for ways to improve on this place. It’s his first adventure in the food business. He actually gave us a small container of kimchee, which was very good. He even told us his wife checks various web sites to read reviews/comments so that they can improve and grow their business.

    It’s not a full blown Korean place, but the idea is great for a quick tasty lunch.


  11. We tried Gogi Bop a few weeks back. It was just o.k. Wouldn’t put it on the list of places to go and eat, but wouldn’t refuse a friend’s request if that’s where they wanted to grab lunch etc. I think the Korean Barbecue truck’s taste was better (although his steak bowl is too fatty). Gogi Bop might be boppin’ out of town before too long.


  12. I ahve been here a 2 times but will not go again. The prices are extremely high for a takeout place, and the owners are very stingy with portions. They give you about 1 tablespoon of meat so the majority of what you are eating is rice. I asked for double meat and the server gave me a little more than 2 tablespoons-immediately the owner came out and tried to charge me triple and acted as if I was trying to cheat them. They do not allow you to mix your meat unless you pay an extra $2-3. The sweet potato fries are also a very tiny protion size. This place is not customer friendly. They are having their 3rd grand opening this week to try to generate more customers.


  13. I tried GogiBop again last week. I really want to like this place, but I have too many of the same complaints listed above. For what they charge, they should give a larger portion (or just reduce the price a bit). The food is tasty, and the veggies are fresh and crisp, but there’s too little variety. I hope they make the changes necessary to bring in more customers. I was the only soul in the place for the entire 15 minutes I stayed. Meanwhile CiCi’s next door was jumping. Come to think of it, that’s probably the biggest obstacle to their success…being right next door to a cheap feeding trough, which sadly, has a greater appeal to too many people.


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