Anyone Know Where to Get a Good Slice of Pie in Frederick?

An interesting question from JH:

A friend who recently moved from Washington DC to downtown Frederick gave me a simple request the other day: a downtown spot to get some great coffee and a delicious slice of homemade pie (served ala mode). I thought I knew Historic District eateries, but haven’t come up with an answer to her request. Starbucks, Frederick Coffee and Cafe Nola only have little dainty pastries and cheescakes. Pie and coffee are hot items for the DC hip crowd. I guess it hasn’t quite reached here yet…

I know they have awesome whole pies for sale at the Catoctin Mountain Orchard, but I really don’t know where you can get a good slice of pie and a coffee in Frederick. Anyone?


23 thoughts on “Anyone Know Where to Get a Good Slice of Pie in Frederick?

  1. You can buy pies and coffee at the Stone Hearth Bakery on East Street and Second. They have a few tables, but not really the “cafe/diner” ambiance the friend might be looking for. Regardless, the bread at Stone Hearth is worth the trip to try alone.

    Also, you have Proof and Moxie that are both downtown bakeries. I’d imagine they have pies, and I know for a fact they have coffee. You might also want to check with some of the restaurants like Brewers Alley, Danielle’s, Olives, etc because I’m sure some of them would have pie on their dessert menu.


  2. I would think Cozy or Mountaingate in Thurmont would have some Good Pie but I can say I have been there in a while so I don’t know from personal experience.


  3. Mountainview Diner on Rte. 40. The coffee is…diner coffee, but the pies are very, very good and the cheesecake is AWESOME.

    If you’re on a westward trek, stop in Hancock for pie at Weaver’s. Swoon.


  4. @ Deana: Weaver’s DEFINITELY… I make a trek out there to get a Graham Cracker Pie every Thanksgiving. Other places already mentioned but worth mentioning again;
    Barbara Fritchie at the west end of 40 before you hit the I-70 west ramp.
    Mountain Gate in Thurmont


  5. A friend and I both ordered pecan pie from Cafe Nola recently– at about $6.50 a slice. We didn’t know that when we ordered them. Yeow. It was good, but I probably wouldn’t have ordered if I had the foresight to ask how much it was.
    I think a lot of downtown places just have rotating dessert menus, so it might take some footwork to find your perfect pie/coffee combo =)


  6. No need to drive ALL the to Thurmont for Catoctin Orchard Pies…..Meadows Frozen Custard in Whittier (2401 Whittier Drive, Frederick 301-662-1115) now sells a variety of Catoctin Mountain Orchard Pies. The pies are frozen and need to be baked. Slices of pie will be served in the Spring topped with Homenade Vanilla Custard. stop in and pick one up!


  7. I thought Proof was moving out and a Thai place moving in? Were my sources wrong? (A friend, so basically heresay.)

    As for good pie, the diner near FSK gets my vote!


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