Bon-Ton to Close

I hope this isn’t starting another run of closings, but in addition to the restaurants that Liz posted about, Frederick’s Bon-Ton will also be shuttering their doors. The Frederick Gazzete reports:

National clothing retailer Bon-Ton Stores announced Monday that it plans to close its store at the Frederick Towne Mall by the end of January.

About 56 employees will be affected by the closing of the 98,000-square-foot store, company officials said in a statement. They may be able to transfer to the chain’s Hagerstown store or receive severance benefits.

And the FNP adds that ” … the closing is scheduled for the end of January.” The Frederick Towne Mall is truly going to be a ghost mall. Very sad.


9 thoughts on “Bon-Ton to Close

  1. If you are interested in having an input into the plans for the Golden Mile/Route 40 area, I would encourage you to go to Frederick City’s website and check out the work that has been done and future plans/meetings. One has to remember that before it was renovated Shab Row and Everedy Square were not what we see today nor even Market Street. I know that CVS is planning to build on the corner of 40 and Old Camp where the landscape place was and has stood empty for so long, progress is being made.


      • Well it is the CVS from FTM that will be moving there, they will have a drive thru pharmacy like Rite Aid. Just wanted to share steps that are taking place that might not be reported and hopefully are a step in the right direction. Looking forward to the next Planning meeting in December to hear next steps.


  2. Frederick Towne Mall was already a ghost mall. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone the very few times that I had been there. It is too bad.


  3. FSK is not going to be too far behind if they don’t update – – a real food court, even a 2nd story. I keep hearing that “open” or “strip” malls are more popular. Been to Tyson’s Corner lately? It’s packed. They know how to lease the space and get the stores that people want. It’s my go-to mall. I have no problem driving down there to shop. After that, it’s Columbia Mall – also a 2 story mall with excellent stores and a real food court. And also always packed.


  4. A little off-topic, but does anyone know what is going to happen to the big milk plant that is being demolishing onEast Patrick Street, at the Creek? I think it’s Morningstar now, but was Capitol Milk at one point, amongst others over the years. Any redevelopment plans that anyone has heard?


    • I honestly can’t say I know Chris, but I’m glad to see that plant go if only because it means it’ll be easier to expand Carroll creek project.


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