A First Taste of Jersey Mike's

Jersey Mike’s Subs opened it’s first Frederick location late last month. It serves “authentic Northeast-style subs on fresh baked bread” including hot (e.g. steak and cheese), cold (e.g. Italian cold cut), and salads. The new shop is located at 5599 Spectrum Drive in the new strip mall formerly occupied by Pargos.

The family and I got some subs at Jersey Mike’s this past weekend. I got the buffalo chicken wrap which was tasty and featured a good amount of grilled chicken. My wife got The Big Kahuna Cheese Steak and said it was ok, but needed something. I think my son faired the best with a ham and provolone sub that he gobbled up. He got the mini size and that was bigger than any sandwich you would probably make at home and is probably more than enough for a lunch.

Based on our first visit I suggest sticking with the cold subs from the menu. The nibble I was able to pry away from my son’s sub had really good bread along with quality meat and veggies. The subs in general seemed much better than the other sub/sandwich chain offereings.

A couple other things about our visit that may be useful to you:

  • Our bill came to about twenty five bucks to feed three, which is comparable to a meal at a place like Panera.
  • The place is small, probably 8 booths and a couple tables.
  • Hot Subs are made fresh so you have to wait, but a cold sub will be prepared and in your hands by the time you pay. Probably good to keep in mind for lunch time trips.

Anyone else try Jersey Mike’s yet? If so, share your review in the comments.


10 thoughts on “A First Taste of Jersey Mike's

  1. Haven’t tried the Frederick local yet, but ate them for years back home in Columbus, OH (don’t ask me why a chain named “Jersey” Mike’s had an Ohio location before coming to Frederick).

    They were the best subs in town (my standard was the Club). They hand-slice the meat for each sub to order, and they really don’t skimp. Compared to other chains, much more flavor. A little more expensive, but well worth it.


  2. We’ve tried this place out and I have to say their Roast Beef is the most impressive I’ve seen in a sandwich shop. Fresh sliced and an amazing pink, their roast beef and provolone, prepared “Mike’s way”, plus pickles, is just outstanding.

    I also have enjoyed their chipotle cheesesteak, and found their reuben “passable”. (I’m committed to give this another shot, as it was an extra item we ordered to split later, and reheated it at home.


  3. Here’s another vote for the cold subs (and especially the roast beef!) I always think I’ll like the hot ones and they turn out to be just okay. I stop by the Jersey Mike’s in Charles Town, WV when I’m in that area for lunch, so it’ll be nice to get it a little closer to home. My favorite’s the club supreme with roast beef and turkey, mmm…


    • MMMM….that beef and turkey sounds excellent! I’ll have to give them a try now. I agree about the hot subs…I never really got the attraction. Why would I want the tomatoes and onions and all cooked and soft??


  4. I tried their Italian Coldcut this past weekend – it was wicked good. In the 17 years I’ve been living in Maryland, it is the closest Italian I can get to the ones they make in Boston).


  5. A Jersey Mike’s opened in Germantown where I work a couple of month’s ago. I have been eating there regularly since. I have been the Frederick shop twice. The first time I went was the first Saturday that they were open. It was mobbed, and I think the food suffered a bit. I went back yesterday it was much better.

    I really like the Italian, number 13, and the Club, number 8. They like you to use the numbers, although the arrangement of the menu is pretty random with respect to the numbers. This is definitely my favorite place for cold subs.


  6. We moved here from NC last year, and we had several Jersey Mike’s in town. I have always thought their bread and meat was better than other fast-food type sub shops. I love the cold subs, and while they are a little pricer, I think it’s good quality. I love anything with the capicola ham, and their oil and vinegar mix is so yummy.


  7. Gee, guess I’m in the minority, but I usually prefer hot subs. Though it seems everyone’s in agreement the hot subs are nothing special, I’m still curious and will give one a try.


  8. Tried the Philly Cheesesteak and the meatball and cheese tonight and they were downright awful. The cold Italian fared better but not enough for me to be a return customer.


  9. I tried the Original Italian and had it Mike’s way. It was a good Italian cold cut. Better than places like Subway but not any different than any other good sub shop. Good but not the best I’ve ever eaten.


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