Boo! A Halloween Weekend

In addition to the King of all candy getting holidays on Sunday here are some other activities:

If you know of a fun event in the area you’d like to share  just add it the comments. Have a fun and safe Halloween!


8 thoughts on “Boo! A Halloween Weekend

  1. I would think so but the one paper FNP throws out on Wednesdays said Friday – but wanst sure if it was Frederick or some advertisement for a business. Smithsburg had their trick or treat last night.


  2. I believe it is tonight,Saturday til midnight (lol)—check Whittier’s homepage. It appears Frederick city is not united on this. SOMEBODY ON THE FREDERICK HOMEPAGE SHOULD ADD THE LOCAL EVENTS —just a thought. HAPPY ALL HALLOWS EVE.
    Get some “treats” –low cal kind at my website.


    • Really??? I live in Whittier and was gone for most of the evening. I never heard or read anything about it being tonight. I just got home from being out (8:20 pm) and there is no sign of there having been any kids out in the neighborhood. The next door neighbors had planned a party for tonight (not Halloween related) and I can’t imagine they would have done that if they expected trick or treaters, especially since they have kids.


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