Mmmm … Donuts

Just about every Sunday my son and I brave the cold morning air to grab some nummy donuts. Our go to place is the Giant food by our house. The donuts are large, tasty, fresh and at .59¢ a pop, a good bargain.

Occasionally we will take a little bit of a longer trip for Fractured Prune. They are a bit more pricey but oh so good (I recomend O.C. Sand flavor).

So the question of the day is, where is your Donut shop of choice?


13 thoughts on “Mmmm … Donuts

  1. I’ve yet to find one I like here. I tried Fractured Prune and it’s just way too sweet and too much. I don’t like Dunkin.

    I’d love to know if there’s a great spot nearby? I miss my old family owned donut shops from home.


  2. Krispy Kream. Lived in the south and in Alexandria where they have real KK shops. Now I hear from family that they’re opening Stockton California….seriously??????? We can’t get on HERE, but CALIFORNIA can get one???????


  3. I Love Fractured Prune when I can afford them but Krispy Kreme is Soooo Good as well!! I can’t complain when it comes to doughnuts!! YUM!!


    • Used to love The Donut Shoppe on the corner of 7th and Bentz years and years ago (the 1970s!) but now go to the Jefferson Pastry Shoppe in Jefferson. Totally worth the drive.


  4. I agree Jefferson Pastry Shop is awesome. I’ve raved about this place for a while:

    We got some donuts from them this morning for tonight. The wife stashed them in the microwave and I keep going by and opening the door just to smell them!


  5. Best place for donuts to die for!!! GREEN STREET BAKERY MiddleTown MD

    Sincerely Artist Carl Butler

    Green Street Bakery opened on Nov. 17th 2009. Owner/Chef Clint Corun along with his staff make a large variety of fresh baked goods, candy, soups and sandwiches every day. We allways have a large selection of fresh donuts and pastries but get to the bakery early to make sure you get your favorites. Please dont feel limited to the items on our menu. Give us some time and we will do our very best to accomodate your special requests. We create custom cakes, specialty cakes and wedding cakes. Feel free to call and schedule a private tasting for your special day. And dont forget you can come to Green Street Bakery any time to grab breakfast or lunch on the go with our homade soups and sandwiches. Our goal is to provide great food, and friendly service to all of our customers. We look forward to your next visit to Green Street Bakery.


  6. I live in Jefferson…and I agree with the reviews from 2 to 3 years ago…BUT…the only thing I don’t like is that the Jefferson bakery sells what seems like day old donuts. Freshness has become an issue. If you get them fresh…they’re awesome…if not…well…I guess they’re still better than any supermarket or Dunkin Donut (which taste pretty much the same these days).


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