New Speed Camera on 15 South

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) and Maryland State Police (MSP) will deploy speed enforcement through the SafeZones program on southbound US 15 just north of the Hayward Road intersection in Frederick County beginning as early as Wednesday, October 6.

— Via the City of Frederick


8 thoughts on “New Speed Camera on 15 South

  1. Yep, we passed it today. They are making (from what my husband said) a permanent change in the speed limit there due to the high number of accidents. Doesn’t seem to stop some people from flying by at 80 mph though. 😦

    I also noticed a sign that tells you how fast you are going and flashes yellow lights if you’re going too fast. It read that we were going 64 and flashed but we were actually doing 52. I think it was a delayed reading from the person who passed us. Doesn’t do much good if you can’t actually see it before you drive by.

    I’m glad they are taking precautions there now. I just wonder why that intersection is so much worse than some of the others on 15.


    • I am curious too how the speed cameras work. Go by every other morning and it always says my speed is wrong. Must be a delay or has a longer range. The other day everyone had their brakes on and was going 45 or so and somehow it bounced up to 55 and it flashed. I am curious to know which car it is going the speed if there is more than 1 car in a bunch in both lanes?


  2. My son comes up Hwy 15 from the on ramp on north bound 85 from work. He said the speed limit has been changed to 50 mph. Come on. That’s way too slow! He gets off at Rosemont, waaaaay before Hayward and all of the problems there.


  3. Wasn’t it only 55 to begin with? I know I’m usually passed by people doing 70 or well above. I think this slowdown is just trying to make people more aware, especially in an area that is known to have a lot of accidents. I am sure there are folks who will speed no matter what the limit is. Just because they think they can get away with it or are “keeping up with traffic.”

    I just hope the slow down helps. It’s either slow your speed or sit in a long line of traffic waiting for yet another accident to clear.


  4. I felt it was a good idea while they were doing the construction but now that it is over now what? I go though the lights every day and on a few occasions the light has flash while I come to it and another car is flying pass. How do you determine who was speeding. Clearly the car passing me was. I know that my speed is correct due to the fact that when it is just my vehicle it flashes the correct speed I am traveling. I look forward to hearing from you.


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