A Year on Market

A Year on Market is a very nice Frederick photography blog I just added to the blogroll. Take a gander! If you have a blog about Frederick  or are just a blogger in Frederick let me know (post a comment below or shoot me an email) so I can add your site to the blogroll. And now for a gratuitous plug: check out my other blog about everything but Frederick: @random.


6 thoughts on “A Year on Market

  1. Just wondering…..where is everyone???!?!?!?! Very quiet here! I had a friend out to visit from Alaska and then my sister from California – took them each to downtown for a day and they loved it! I bought 2 olive oils at Lebherz Olive Oil and was impressed with the selection and price. I do wish you could reuse the containers for refills but even so….I’ve paid a lot more for good olive oil in other cities (same size small bottle) so I thought her prices were very reasonable. Also bought a nice big bag of candy at Sweet Memories. Selection is excellent!

    Now one question: My son had a ticket for not having a front license plate on his car so we went to the courthouse to pay it. When I checked our account the next day, the charge was credited to The City of Baltimore. WHY???? For a ticket issued here in Frederick city???? Where does the money really go????


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