Comics, Photos Ops, and More

I was strolling around downtown tonight after noms at Wags (thanks to the party that shared their chocolate cake with us, btw) and ran across two new (to me anyway) stores.

First, was the basement shop called 6ft Under. A small joint chocked full of interesting comics, vinyl, art, and books. Worth a looksee for sure.

Next I popped in on Brainstorm Comics, who opened up their second location (the first is off Motter Ave) downtown recently. A very nice shop with loads o’ comics and games.

Lastly, and really not related to the above items is that anyone with a decent camera and steady hand (I’m looking at you all) may want to try and get a shot of the fair’s ferris wheel from the bridge on Carrol Creek. Looks really good at dusk. I did manage this ok shot from an alley off Patrick though:

spires from the alley

And while I’m rambling on I may as well mention that my hood is having a massive yard sale tomorrow from 8am to Noon.

So since I’m totally random tonight, why don’t we do a Friday Free For All in the comments. Whatever is on your mind have at it!


13 thoughts on “Comics, Photos Ops, and More

  1. I learned a new card trick from the bartender at Wags on Monday night. Fun!

    I am sort of curious what people think of all the new signs around town…the ones that point people to various locations such as the “Theater District” etc…At first I thought they were kind of cool, but then I started thinking they were a bit over the top. Maybe that’s a result of living in a town that tourists like to visit, but really, the city is not that big and it’s easy to get around. And besides, we are all friendly enough to answer questions about where stuff is. I do it all the time when I go downtown and see someone who looks lost.


      • The tea shop on Market, Voila, opened tonight. It’s awesome!! They have shelves upon shelves of loose leaf teas. There were a few brewed teas for sampling/tasting. It’s an awesome space – looks really cool. You can buy the tea by the ounce and you can also great fresh brewed tea to go. Nice addition to Market street.


  2. Ughhh…calling for p.m. rain on Wed. Thurs. is the ‘official’ full moon, but Wed.’s is about 99% and rises earlier. That leaves more dusk light on foreground object. I’ll have to settle for Thurs….


  3. Ever since the salon moved out (month ago?), they have had a sign up. I walk by it almost every day, and it doesn’t seem like much has happened. They’ve moved some furniture in, and have a sign saying it’s coming, so they must be shuffling through zoning things?


  4. A friend and I were having lunch on the patio at Brewers Alley Monday and there was a contractor going in and out of the old Asiana, carrying tools and other things in and out. Perhaps that’s finally going to be something else?


  5. Asiana? As in the legendary Dragon Lady’s dilapidated property? Maybe she’s building a mausoleum so she can keep the property under her thumb for another 10,000 years.

    (Ironic guess: Watch a teeny-tiny Value City open there!)


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