Help Save the Downtown Frederick Holiday Lights!

Nearly all of the Downtown Frederick Holiday Lights were destroyed in this past winter’s blizzards. The Downtown Frederick Partnership and it’s partners are asking for donations to help replace the lights. Learn more here (pdf).


5 thoughts on “Help Save the Downtown Frederick Holiday Lights!

  1. I adopted a tree. It would be great if they could collect enough to do even more lights than before. Especially with the new East Street entrance to Frederick, there should be lights all the way down E Patrick to Shab Row. In the past, they have skipped the block from Carroll St. to East St. next to the post office.


  2. I just found this website this morning. I’m moving to Frederick soon! I’ll need every dime for the move but, once I get there, I’ll donate my dimes to the cause. 🙂


  3. Looks like it worked:

    The tradition of white lights lining the streets of Downtown Frederick for the holidays has been secured. The residents and businesses of Frederick and surrounding towns answered the fundraising call with vigor and the work of installing the lights in the trees should begin in October.


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