In the Streets Moves to September

In The Street, traditionally held the first weekend in October will now be moving to early September. The reasons:

  • October is a month packed with events, locally and regionally. Celebrate Frederick wants to give an opportunity for other events to succeed and avoid the competition
  • September traditionally has warmer weather, with less chance of cold rain
  • Vendors and organizations that are engaged with other events in early October are now able to be a part of In The Street to help make it more successful

The only one I think is a bad reason for the move is the “warmer weather.” Not a big fan of the warmer weather at this point.  I do agree that early October is usually chocked full of events though.


8 thoughts on “In the Streets Moves to September

  1. I desperately want to go but I also have tickets to Wolf Trap that day and we like to get down there early to have a picnic and a bottle of wine before the performance. I’d have to go first thing in the morning and only stay a couple of hours or so. Bummer.


  2. Argh! I’m a fan of fall festivals, and early September is still summer around here. Oh well, I’m probably just bummed that I’ll be missing it two years in a row …that sux!


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  4. Here’s hoping that it won’t be too hot on 9/11 of this year. I personally loved the In The Street in October and would not miss it for the world, even if it’s in September (well, maybe for the world…). Roasted turkey legs taste great whether is chilly or it’s warm outside.


  5. This year 2012 ITS was pretty much rained out. Last year it was blistering hot. Please someone reconsider moving it back to October or at least later in September.


    • Absolutely. My hubby and I were saying that yesterday. It was much better in October – a much more Fall Festival atmosphere and the weather was great. We didn’t even bother this year as early reports had the storms coming by noon.


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