Frederick Library Hours Reduced

I forgot to post about this a couple weeks ago so if you already knew this forgive me:

During its June meeting, the Board of Trustees of Frederick County Public Libraries voted to accept staff recommendations to reduce the hours of operation. This reduction is one of several changes taking place this summer resulting from Frederick County’s hiring freeze, which has had a significant impact on the library system over the past two years.

C. Burtz’s is now closes at 5 on the weekends.


5 thoughts on “Frederick Library Hours Reduced

  1. This is very sad news for Frederick County. I am now the proud owner of a Nook Ebook reader and spend the time I used to relish at the library on the weekends alternating between the Borders and Barnes&Noble cafes respectively.

    I repeat — very sad news indeed. Those of us that work and commute all week have no other time to frequent the library (and do all the other tasks that we CAN’T do during the week) so those extended weekend hours were a Godsend.


  2. If you own an Nook (or a Kindle) you’re killing off the bookstores you like to hang out in. They aren’t “show rooms” or “lounges” for you. They need to sell the inventory on the shelves to stay alive – not just the eBooks on-line. So if you’re taking your eBook reader into the bookstore but not buying any real books, say bye bye to the bookstores and start reading at home. It’s no different than the people who park outside the boundaries of national parks because they don’t want to pay the entrance fees, and then go ballistic if the parks have to shut down. Can’t have it both ways.


  3. What Gypsy said. If you’re not actually using the library/bookstore for actual books and only reading electronic books (still don’t get the point of those), you’re doing a disservice to the library/bookstore itself.


  4. Actually, the C. Burr Artz Library was already closing at 5pm on weekends, but now it closes at 8 instead of 9 on weekdays and the smaller branches have had more substantial hours reductions. You can see the hours here:

    You can actually check out eBooks through the library website for your Nook 24 hours a day – see the Digital eLibrary Consortium on this page:


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