Volt at the Keys

VOLT is coming to the Frederick Keys Baseball Field and we are not coming empty handed. We are taking over the concession stand at 3rd base for one night only on Tuesday July 27.

Sounds nummy!


4 thoughts on “Volt at the Keys

  1. Have friends who went just for this. The lines were so bad that they finally left at the 4th inning to get something to eat somewhere else. The organizers were completely unprepared for the demand. They did get their bobble-head dolls, and then were approached by people trying to buy them! They refused to sell.


    • It was completely nuts. We got there an hour before game time and the lines to get in stretched down the length of the parking lots. Once we got in, there was already a huge line for food. We just made the best of it though and took turns getting out of line to get drinks. The people in line around us were fun to talk to as well. In the end I got my bobblehead and my food and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. Late in the game Bryan was walking around the stadium giving away ice cream and posing for pictures. It might not have gone completely smoothly but still a fun Tuesday night.


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