Korean BBQ Truck

Anyone try the new Korean BBQ Truck making the rounds? I have a thing for mobile food, so I’m kinda excited about this one.


15 thoughts on “Korean BBQ Truck

  1. I tried it last week at the West Frederick Farmer’s market. The folks running it (did not get their name) were super nice and the food was really good.


  2. They are at the farmers market on Saturday mornings on Baughmans Lane. They also said that they were at the Middletown farmers market on Thursdays and Fridays, but I have never been to that one. I had the pork, and it was yummy.


  3. Met John today at the Farmer’s Market on Baughman’s Lane – he and his wife were so warm and friendly! They looked to be doing a pretty good business at 10:30, even though most people weren’t there for lunch. Hope to see them again! Thanks for the chicken stick – it was delicious!


  4. For those of you who want Korean food, my friend will be opening GogiBop, Korean BBQ Wraps in the Westview Village Shopping Center (next to Cici’s Pizza) at the end of October. It will be open every day. GogiBop wraps, bowls and dumplings, served “Chipolte” style, so you can choose which vegetables you want. I’ve tasted the wraps and I loved them. I haven’t tried the truck yet, but heard from others it’s good.


    • Ahhh, but the fatty and gristly bits are the best part! I agree that the beef bowl is the best one. The sauce is totally awesome – could be a little more spicy for my taste though.


  5. Amber, if you like it spicier ask for a side of Kimchi. He also offers a spicy sauce. I agree that it would be better if he kept it more authentic instead of trying to please the American palate.


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